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It is very difficult to make estimates of relocation. People easily consider the known variables of relocation but often there are many unknown variables that cross the moving estimated marginally. Even when you ask for relocation estimates from professional shifting companies, they are not accurate. They do not consider many things. They will simply tell you their approximate charge and the cost of packing supplies. But one should make right estimation on packers movers Pune charges to avoid monetary hassles during relocation. Though accurate and optimal estimation of cost of moving is difficult to determine, but you can guess the approximate cost of moving.


Here are some areas where you must focus while determining the approximating the cost of move. This is best idea to make relocation budgeting.


Cost of packing supplies: Ample amount of packing supplies are required to pack all home objects. Visit the market to know the usual cost of packing stuffs. You will need to bring cartons, packing paper, plastic sheets, etc for packing. Bubble wrapper, packing peanuts and foam will be required for padding and cushioning. Glue, rope and tape are required for sealing the cartons and boxes. Guess the quantity of these supplies that you will need for packing all items. In this way, you can guess how much money you will require for shopping packing material.


Charge of the professional services that you will hire: Determine the tasks that you can finish yourself and make final decisions for the services that you want to avail from professional movers. Visit one of the movers shop to know the service charge. State your requirements. The representative will give you right estimation for the services you need. Also enquire that the fuel cost and rental truck charge is inclusive or you have to pay additionally.


Money required for snacks, tea and beer, etc: You must spend some money in refreshment lunch and tea. You may prefer having beer to reduce the tiredness. Set a budget for this. Do not exceed the limit of your budget to have right estimation of moving cost.


Tipping money: You might have planned to tip the dedicated and helpful staffs of the moving companies. Determine the amount you will pay to the staffs as tip. You must consider this expenditure in while determining cost of move. 


These are the areas you should focus while determining the estimate of relocation cost. After getting the result add thousand additionally for unnoticed expenditure. You can ask packers and movers Pune to make an estimate of your home move. They consider all areas of expenditure while determining the cost. Movers and packers Pune will also guide you in cutting the cost to relocate in your pre-estimated budget. 

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In case you wish to make a new account on Gmail, then Google will ask you to enter your phone number for the confirmation of the Gmail account. It is mandatory in the past, but now it is compulsory to enter your phone number. If you wish to create Gmail account without phone number, then go through this article to complete this procedure.

Office Setup - :

Steps to Create Gmail Without Phone Number on Android Phone

  •     Open the Settings application by going to the application window.
  •    Search for the Accounts option which depends on the version of the device.
  •     Press on the Accounts option.
  •     Choose the “Add Account” option located on the end of the menu list.
  •     Select Google by going to the menu list.
  •     Now, the Google display gets open on the desktop.
  •     Press on the “Create account” option provided on the end left-hand side of the display.
  •     Enter the first and last name in the given field.
  •     Press on the Next option.
  •     Enter the birth date.
  •     Enter the gender in the given box.
  •     Press on the Next option once again.
  •     Select the new email ID which will be registered with the Gmail.
  •     Otherwise, you can create an email ID as per your choice.
  •     Type a new password.
  •     Agree on the terms and condition to create a Gmail account without a phone number.
  •     Once you have completed this procedure, you can enter any other details also.
  •     Now, start using your email ID, and you don’t have to confirm the phone number.
  •     Ensure that you can use these steps only when you are using the Android phone.

Steps to Create Gmail Account Without Phone number on Computer

  •     Go to the incognito menu on the browsing application.
  •     In case you are a Google Chrome user, then keep pressing on the Control +Shift+ N keys together.
  •     If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, then long press on the Control+ Shift + P keys together.
  •     In case you are an Opera user. Then keep pressing on the Control +Shift+ N keys together.
  •     Click on the Create New Google Account option.
  •     Enter the account details.
  •     Enter a new email ID.
  •     Click on the Next option.
  •     Skip the phone number column.
  •     You need to enter all the other details.
  •     Press on the next option.
  •     Accept the legal agreement to create Gmail account without phone number.

Steps to Create Gmail Account Without Phone number by Setting Up the Age to 15

  •     Go to the default internet browser.
  •     Open the Gmail website.
  •     Press on the Create account button located at the end of the display.
  •     Select the “For Myself” or “For Business” option.
  •     Type the account details.
  •    Type the email ID.
  •     Press on the Next option.
  •     Now, you need to change the date of birth to 15 years instead of entering the real one.
  •     You have to skip the phone number box.
  •     You have to enter the recovery email ID instead of the phone number.
  •     Accept the terms and conditions to create a Gmail account without phone number.
  •     After finishing this procedure, the confirmation of the Gmail account will be done through the recovery email ID you have entered.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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If you want to secure your Outlook account, then you can do so with the two-step authentication, which needs both the code and password generated on the mobile phone. Email applications which sign in to Outlook through POP do not support password and code for the two-steps verification procedure. You can create a particular password for Outlook so that you can use it in the email applications which work with two-step verification. Let’s explore this further:

Here’s How to Create App Password for Outlook

mcafee activate - :

Steps for Setting Up App Password for Outlook

  •     Click on your avatar or name given in Outlook on the top corner of the location bar.
  •     Press on the My Account option.
  •    Otherwise, press on the View Account option.
  •     Go down and press on the Update option given below the Security column.
  •     Press on the more security button given at the end of the display provided on the security basics window.
  •     Go down and press on the Setup two-step verification option.
  •     Open the Setup two-step verification window by pressing on the Next option.
  •     Go through the guidelines to turn on the two-step verification.
  •     You will get the option to create an app password for Outlook on the screen.
  •     Press on the appropriate link to create a password for Outlook.
  •     Go through the on-screen guidelines to complete the setup procedure of app password for Outlook.
  •    After completing the setup process of app password, you can use it on your Outlook account.
  •     You can also change the app password anytime whenever you wish to.

Steps for Changing App Password for Outlook

  •     Click on the name or avatar provided in the Outlook located on the upper side of the location bar.
  •    Press on the My Account button.
  •     Otherwise,  press on the View Account option.
  •     Go down and press on the Update option given below the Security column.
  •     Press on the more security options button provided on the Security basics displays given at the end of the display.
  •     You will get the App passwords column located on the Additional security options display.
  •    Press on the Create a new app password option. Now, Outlook will create an app password which you can use in your Outlook account.

Steps for Turning Off App Password for Outlook

  •     On your Outlook account, open the My Account option.
  •    Press on the Security option.
  •    Click on the more security options button so that the Additional security options web page gets opened on the screen.
  •     Below the App passwords, press on the Remove existing app passwords option.
  •     Now, all the app passwords which you have used for the Outlook account will get turned off.
  •     You cannot remove a particular password.
  •     You need to change all the passwords of your Outlook account in all the email applications.
  •    Choose the Remove option.
  •     Now, you have successfully turned off the app password for Outlook.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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Judi online termasuk juga salah satu permainan taruhan uang yg dilakukan oleh kurang lebih orang tak saling tatap muka tetapi dihubungkan lewat koneksi internet. tapi bersama butuh kamu tahu menyangkut pertaruhan online pastinya tak senantiasa bicara menyangkut bekal gede yg harus penggemar judi siapkan, dapat namun taruhan pun lebih erat kaitannya bersama kelapangdadaan & kesiapan tokoh judi bola di satu buah game. yg mana kala seseorang pejudi perlu adanya membutukan pertimbangan dgn lebih matang biar meraih benefit yg akbar & memuaskan hati pemain.

bersama begitu menonton daripada semakin popular dunia per bettingan terutamanya dalam Indonesia, tidak heran diwaktu ini judi online makin tidak sedikit digemari & diminati sambil para penggemar pertaruhan sebab berperan judi online dalam yakin teramat menjanjikan keuntungan dgn berlipat. & pastinya menanggapi elemen tersebut dimanfaatkan sekali ketelitian & cara buat judi. Penasaran apa aja triknya? Berikut ulasannya!

Inilah Kunci berhasil Pertaruhan Online
Dalam perihal tampil judi online pastinya tidak sedikit sekali hal mutlak yg harus diperhatikan oleh seluruhnya bettor betting online / pemain bola online bila mereka tak berharap kesulitan tiap-tiap permainan bola di setiap taruhan bola yg mana seluruhnya perihal tersebut berkairaan erat dgn pemilihan betting online, taktik pun pun kiat berperan. & berikut kurang lebih kunci berhasil bola online biar mampu mendapati benefit.

Official Website:

1. Pilihlah agen judi on line sanggup diakui, umumnya jika taruhan online terdepan mereka dapat memiliki konsumen service yg propesional yg hendak menciptakan kamu merasa sesuai diwaktu berperan. tidak cuma, CS yg propesional usahakan pilihlah bandar taruhan online sediakan tawaran seperti ekstra yg masuk akal jangan sampai tergiur dgn bonus tak realistis.

2. seandainya telah cocok pilih bandar pertaruhan online yg terpercaya, kunci berhasil setelah itu ialah usahakan kamu janganlah mencapai berbatas terjerumus kepada tawaran yg belum mampu kamu kuasai seperti lakukan taruhan tidak dengan adanya rumus yg sedang matang.

3. Pelajari lebih-lebih dulu system permainan bersama akan ditaruhkan hingga menguasai system game itu & yg lebih mutlak lagi yaitu kamu perlu mengerti gerak gerik penghalang kamu dalam bermain.
Nah, itulah beberapa kunci berhasil main-main judi online, seandainya kamu telah mendalami kunci berhasil tersebut amat sangat dijamin kamu dapat memenangkan judi bola tersebut dgn benefit yg berlipat & aset kamu tak habis demikian

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Managed IT Services are increasing sophisticated, cost-effective, empowering and constantly evolving, but there is one truth you can carve in stone: Managed IT Services are transforming business operations as they redefine profitability. You’ll get more from your technology investment, pay less and with greater operational confidence sleep better at night. Now you can free up time, capital and accelerate your potential for growth by finding the right balance between innovation and investment. ExterNetworks Managed IT Services in New Jersey empower you to a new competitive advantage that will not only get you ahead but keep you there, with expertise aligned to help you meet your business goals. All without costly capital investment in obsolete equipment, software, and recurring costs of people and facilities.


To Know More Visit Site - Managed IT Services New Jersey 

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Moving from one location to another with entire household items is not a fun. It is serious issue and should be handled with due care. Moving is a big undertaking. Proper planning and preparation should be done to execute the moving tasks. You should create a proper and effective moving plan to shift smoothly and safely. Create an effective moving plan for your relocation and shift smoothly in an organized manner.

Plan moving in favorable weather: Moving cannot be very smooth in all weather. You must keep account weather in mind while planning relocation. Winter and rainy seasons can be very tough for moving. It is difficult to handle heavy items in winter. Moving in rainy weather can be very risky. You valuable items can be spoiled. Extra efforts are required to make shifting successful in these climates. So, prefer sifting in summer. Summer is the best season for relocation. You can plan moving in the summer break. Study of your kids will not be hampered as well. However, packers and movers Pune based companies can help you shifting in unfavorable weather as well. You can easily plan your move with one of the experiences moving companies of Pune.

Plan budget for move: Determining the budget of move is very crucial for safe shifting. After determining the budget, you can hire a moving company that can provide you reliable services in your budget. It is said that the relocation agencies of Pune provide valuable shifting services at very genuine rate. Get free estimate on packers and movers rates in Pune.

Schedule dates for packing and moving items: After hiring reliable movers and packers Pune, you should schedule the dates for packing and moving items. Clearly tell them the dates when you want them to pack your valuable goods. They will tell you the required timing for accomplishment of tasks. According allot the dates for packing all your goods. Determine the final date of moving. Ask the relocation staffs to accomplish all tasks a day before the moving date.

Finish other tasks: Besides packing and moving goods, you must have some other chores to do. Finish all the tasks in advance. Visit the office to change the postal address. Bring the things from laundry, cobblers, neighbors, etc. Call the service providers to stop the service from particular date and collect the payment. Visit the school of the kid to take the transfer certificate for mid session admission.

In this way you can create an effective moving plan to move safely with one of the reliable moving agencies of Pune. They provide effective services to help people shift smoothly and safely. 

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What is Desktop Support Services?

Work area bolsters administrations function as an assistance work area for business. They manage office hardware and end clients to give boundless administration. This incorporates equipment break-fix support just as some specialised direction and constrained help. 

It's intended to help and fix programming and equipment related issues on the PCs of the person in the association. Those accountable for work area bolster administrations will work to introduce screen stands and screens, unload hardware and recording sequential numbers for following, put in new client work area frameworks and guarantee specialists have the tech they need.

What is Laptop Support Services?

PC bolster administrations fill in as likewise to work area bolster administrations, then again, actually the necessities are somewhat extraordinary. Despite everything they function as a help desk for organizations, however, they manage the establishment and usage of workstation docking stations and performing programming redesigns. 

Old equipment is discarded by the PC bolster administration group, and they center around the establishment of new screens and establishment of programming picture on workstations. They chip away at re-imaging on workstations while investigating all product related issues.

What is Printer Support Services?

Setting up another printer is convoluted, from the unloading of hardware and recording sequential numbers to putting in new system printers and individual printers. 

With the assistance of good printer bolster administrations, you can get a heap driver for the printers, plan equipment upkeep visits and call for assistance with break-fix support.

How can help businesses as Desktop Support Services?

Clients can use the work area, PC and printer bolster benefits by connecting with confirmed and gifted designers for sending workstations, PCs new printer establishment and support of existing printers for investigating programming/equipment related issues.

Read More: reimaging laptop

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If you are getting difficulties in completing your essay assignment task, you must hire the best essay writing service providing company. They have expert essay writers who can assist you in writing the essay from start to finish and ensure that you will get high grades in your academic paper. Hence, don't let your career suffer due to essay assignment. Instead, get reliable essay help.

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Ibu mertua muda yang cantik dan menantu laki-laki tinggal bersama
Ibu mertua saya adalah rahasia bagi suami dan istri saya!

Menikah selama 3 tahun, pasangan menikah. Karena kegagalan bisnis Tohan,
Dia tinggal sendirian dan memasuki rumah ayah Sunyoung.
Sunyoung, yang menjadi lumpuh karena ketidakmampuan suaminya, mulai pergi clubbing,
Saya berselingkuh dengan Jung – hyun yang saya temui di sana.
Untuk Sunyoung, yang mabuk setiap hari atau berada di luar kota
Tidak ada keluhan tentang orang-orang yang tidak dapat berbicara …
Namun suatu hari, Sunyoung memberi tahu ayahnya
Saya diberitahu bahwa ibu tiriku akan menikah lagi.
Mumi pendahuluan muda yang datang ke rumah mereka.
Saya bertemu di kantor ayah saya, menikah lagi dan mengatur rumah saya untuk hidup bersama.
Tiba-tiba, karena jadwal perjalanan yang diperpanjang dia datang lebih dulu.
Sunyoung tidak menyambut ibu tiri yang tiba-tiba,
Lihat istriku diabaikan
Pantomim mencoba menghibur provinsi dan menggoda untuk menjadi orangnya sendiri.
Putri ibu tiri muda dan muda dan tiga orang tua mulai canggung hidup bersama.

Pemain: Hoon JamesJin JooSang DooSi Ah
Direksi: Choi Eun Jung
Negara: South Korea
Subtitles: No Sub
Anggaran: $500.000,00
Pendapatan: $1.000.000,00


Nonton film lk2 semi lainnya di JFnonton sekarang juga.


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Want to hear your favorite track out loud on Amazon Alexa? Alexa has an inbuilt speaker to communicate or play media. But, the sound is not enough for a big room or in a noisy environment. You can connect and use an additional speaker with your Alexa speaker. Amazon’s Alexa devices – Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show support external speakers. They can be connected with both types of speakers – wired and wireless. Here is how to connect and use an additional speaker with Alexa.

Norton Setup - :

Before connecting Alexa with a speaker:

  1.     Put your Alexa device at least one meter away from the wireless speaker, if you’re using a Bluetooth speaker.
  2.    For best sound quality and connection, use the certified wireless speaker. Click on “” or “” to check the compatible speaker with their features and price.
  3.    Disconnect Alexa from other devices. Only one wireless device can be connected and used with Alexa at a time.
  4.     Check the external speaker’s battery and charge it if the battery is low.

How to connect and use a Bluetooth speaker with Alexa

  1.     Put the Bluetooth speaker in the pairing mode. In some Bluetooth speaker pairing mode automatically activates when they are power on. But, some have a separate pairing button that needs to be held down to enable the pairing mode. Check your speaker’s user guide for detail.
  2.    Open the ‘Alexa app’ and tap on the ‘Devices.’ When you open the Devices tab, you’ll see Alexa devices on the screen.
  3.     Tap on your ‘Echo’ device.
  4.    After that, tap on ‘Bluetooth Devices.’
  5.     Tap the ‘PAIR A NEW DEVICE’ button.
  6.     Now, wait for your Bluetooth speaker to appear on the screen.
  7.     Tap on your Bluetooth speaker when it appears.
  8.     And go through the screen directions.

Your Alexa device will connect to the Bluetooth speaker. You may also hear a beep confirming paired or connected. Once the speaker is connected, you’ll be able to use it with Alexa.

Tips: You can easily connect your Alexa with the previously connected Bluetooth speaker by saying, “Connect.” Before this, make sure the speaker is on.

How to connect and use a wired speaker with Alexa

Amazon Echo has a 3.5 mm jack on it, which you can use to connect Alexa with a speaker. You can easily connect an Echo device with an external speaker by using a 3.5 mm audio cable or aux cord. Here is how to connect an external speaker with Alexa through a cable.

  1.    Obtain a 3.5 mm audio/aux cable.
  2.     Insert the one end of the aux cable into the 3.5 mm jack of your Alexa speaker. It is at the back of the Echo near the charging port.
  3.     Then insert the other end of the aux cable into the audio jack of the speaker you want to connect with the Alexa.
  4.     Verify the connection.
  5.    Turn on both the devices.

Now, try playing audio on your Alexa, the sound will now come from the connected speaker.

Have fun!

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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