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Being a pet parent is not easy. While most of the furries love to cuddle and play, there are some that might not like you snuggling and playing with them. Some pet parents are always worried about their pets and what they are up to. If you can relate to this, then one thing you should get right now is the Whistle GO Explore GPS. It is a smart pet tracker that is GPS-enabled.


About The Product

To explain in simple words,  Whistle GO Explore is like a FitBit that works for dogs as well as cats. The product is the best location and health tracker for dogs and cats. It can track your pet all the time and check its health daily. The product is in the form of a band that is very much durable as well as waterproof. It has an excellent battery backup that will work without any disturbance for 20 days if charged fully. Other advanced features include food calculator, and night light, along with a tele-vet permit.

The two main factors, location, and health tracking are amazingly good and work really well. It was slightly more than what we expected it to be. The Whistle GO Explore app, which is a brilliant functioning app, sends you a wellness report every weekend that tells you everything starting from the average activity minutes, resting hours, kilometers walked, and total calories lost.

The best part is that it even tells you about how frequently your pet was scratching or licking so that you can also know about your pet’s skin and related issues. The app uses all these data and suggests a food and fitness plan according to the age, breed, and weight of your pet. The band connects you with your pet and lets you know almost everything about your pet. You can also collect these weekly reports and show them to your vet with the help of the app, whenever anything concerns you.

Surprisingly, the location tracking feature was pretty accurate, and it was not just a fake promise. You can even customize it accordingly; for example, you can mark some areas as safe zones within the GPS map of your space, and if anytime your pet leaves that area, you get a notification along with the location. This an outstanding feature if your pet is still small and adventurous. It is a genius pet tracker that actually does almost everything you need to do for your pet.

The only problem with this device is that it tries to save the battery by switching the tracker only every six minutes, which can or cannot be accurate at that time. You can modify the refresh rate, but that is at the cost of battery life. The trackers let you know about the weekly and daily visited locations. It also has a lost pet mode. When you activate it, the band sends you the location of your pet every 15 seconds.

Apart from tracking, the product can also turn itself into a night light. It can be effortlessly monitored with its app. When it comes to its durability and battery life, it is incredible. It won’t break or give you a poor performance no matter what. The battery does last for more than 20 days, and it is resistant to water.

However, the subscription is quite costly. The tracker costs $129.95, and the monthly fee is $9.95, which is very expensive. Thus, it is much of a luxury item as it is challenging to afford, even if it is your necessity.

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