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What is the relationship between 5G business and SD-WAN? Why have you been locked in by Netcom in recent years? In the past, the traditional telecom equipment was built, the investment cost was high, and it was not easy to modify after the construction. Therefore, it is often necessary to make a complete functional plan at the initial stage of construction, and the investment for expansion is also expensive; the software-defined network (SDN) can be used. Virtualized machine and software modification service functions, hardware investment costs are reduced, and expansion flexibility becomes higher.

Japan Lotte Telecom grabbed the 5G license and built the infrastructure with Software Defined Network (SDN). Rakuten has established a brand new 5G telecommunications network in Japan for a short time, which is 40% lower than traditional telecom operators. It can be cheaper, faster and more reliable. It breaks the monopoly of Japan Telecom and relies on software-defined network architecture. Lotte has also screamed the goal of 10 million customers for 9 years.

Not only the new telecom operators are active, but also the large-scale e-commerce companies have seen the advantages of SDN. The first point of the SD-WAN is to change the computer room environment of the "special-purpose machine for special functions" in the past, which is set by a general-purpose server through software. Flexible switching function, because the technology is becoming mature in 2019, the price is also suitable to start, it will be a year of SD-WAN outbreak!

Shareholders are concerned about the stock price and see the next five-year transformation of Ruiqi

Optimistic about the SD-WAN demand, Taiwan's industrial Netcom big manufacturers have also switched their business, and the current shipments are at the leading end. In the first four months of this year, the revenue was 2.383 billion yuan, an increase of 16%. Realtek is actively catching up. At present, revenue is only half of the market, but the revenue of SD-WAN products in the first four months accounted for 22%, which is higher than last year's 16%. General Manager Hong Defu said that Ruiqi is actively Transformed from a pure network security vendor to a solution provider.

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