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The transformation of SDN is a challenge, not only in terms of technology, but also in organizational structure. Almost everything has changed, including network provisioning, configuration and change management, fault location process, performance monitoring, and security and compatibility. And confirmation of validity. The complexity of enterprise networks is growing, and the wan of enterprises is also growing. This ability to implement both virtual IP networks and automatic configuration management of the underlying wan network is a key feature required for enterprise networks in severe load environments.

Many of the hybrid network capabilities of SD-WAN vendors are still in their early stages. One of the key issues companies need to consider is who manages the environment, especially as SD-WAN begins to be applied to more complex networks.

Overlay is a feature of most SD-WAN solutions, which has become an important concept in hybrid networks. As packet forwarding decisions are transferred to the overlay, bandwidth in the network is available as a resource pool for the solution. . However, a key feature of advanced SD-WAN solutions is the ability to collect large amounts of telemetry data to influence forwarding decisions—not just at the circuit level, but along the entire path. Because SD-WAN is used in more complex enterprise environments, it is necessary to understand and participate in traditional routing protocols. Companies using SD-WAN today need to use workarounds or simplified methods in some cases to accommodate the current state of the technology.

Gartner said in the December 2015 SD-WAN Market Guide report that at this stage of the market, the main target market is the enterprise that manages the WAN internally, because the SD-WAN solution can greatly ease the deployment and management of the WAN. The operational burden of the solution. However, in order to reduce the time-to-delivery and increased flexibility of hosted WAN services, some network service providers are beginning to take full advantage of SD-WAN technology.

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