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Java has evolved a lot. A number of features have been added to this programming language. Java 8 has Static Interface, lambda expressions/functional programming and many more. Java 9 adds a Java Module system. The future looks bright for Java, become a better programmer in Java with the support of Java Training Institute in Chennai. It’s an excellent course to learn different architectural patterns like client server, distributed applications and Micro-service. If you are looking to build your career as a Java developer, you can enroll in Java course in Chennai, specialists teach you everything with the best examples. 

Java is the leading one in the android mobile app development market and enterprise back-end market. Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Cisco systems, IBM companies are now looking for Java developers. Use this opportunity and get a job in the top companies with the guidance of Java Training in Chennai. Enroll here to get an amazing future. For further queries dial to 9345045466. 

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