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by Linda Helen - Štvrtok, 30 júl 2020, 10:26
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The day starts very early in a student’s life and goes on till late afternoon. The day starts in a boisterous manner, but by afternoon, the student gets tired and looks forward to returning home. After spending so many hours in school and on the ride back home, there is just so much time left for the student to shower, have a snack, and start their homework. They may not even be able to afford an afternoon nap or rest. Students of this age need to go out and play as well. They need exercise and fresh air, but by the time they reach, they are so exhausted that they hardly gather the strength to do their homework. This puts forward the question, why do students find their homework burdensome?

  • The homework is too lengthy

As mentioned above, students have less time to allocate for homework once they get back home after spending long hours at school. Teachers assign the students a pile of homework that they have to submit the very next day. The moment the student gets back home, they know that if they don’t take out their work and start as early as possible, they may have to stay awake past their bedtime and finish all the work.

Every teacher gives some work pertaining to their subject, which accumulates to become more than what a student can manage. Thus, the student feels pressured by the teacher who is giving the homework. In case if they have not been able to complete all the homework, the student will copy from another student rather than face the wrath of the teacher.

  • Doing homework leaves no time for playing outside

Students want to spend their evenings outside playing with their friends. This is their time to unwind the days’ stress and play football or throw ball without any worries. Unfortunately, they have to spend that time indoors doing their never-ending homework.

  • Homework is uninteresting and boring

Homework is usually given so that students can practice frequently. Sometimes, the student may even feel that the enormous amount of homework given by the teacher is to save themselves from teaching. Homework can be lengthy like research work, which can take up any length of time. For example, endless and a countless number of questions are given in mathematics with the expectation that the more they practice, the better skilled the student will become.

However, it causes an adverse effect on the student. It feels like a burden and takes away the love of the subject. During a weekday after a long day at school, homework can only appear a burden in a student’s life. If the student is copying the work or getting an elder to do it, then it loses its futility. 

  • No feedback or marks are given

Homework is only given for the sake of being made to do work. It is not checked, nor is any feedback given. For example, a painfully written essay that might take a long time for students to complete may just be seen by the teacher but not read or awarded marks. Then the teacher will not put in the effort to read each and every one of the essays written by the student. They will, however, be sure to check if the student has done it or not. Homework is not awarded with marks, but there is punishment for not doing it.

Homework might be manageable if it were less, more interesting, and more rewarding, but it is with the dread of punishment that the student starts the work. If they are lucky, they can complete it by bedtime.

  • Lack of guidance in coping with difficult homework

The homework becomes a big chore for the student if they get stuck and do not have anyone to ask for help. There is no one to help them with their homework at home if they find themselves stuck. Sometimes the parents may not be available, or they are unable and unequipped to help with that particular homework. So, the best option left is to hire an assignment writing service that can help the student manage the workload effectively.