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A car’s infotainment device is pretty beneficial when it comes to using several features like GPS playing music, videos and even radio. Not only that, but it also provides a pleasant environment in your car. The old wallpaper of your infotainment system might upset you. You might want to change it somehow and stack some perfect images. Luckily, if your iPhone runs on iOS 14, you can easily update your CarPlay wallpaper. 

In this article, we are about to show how you can change the wallpaper of your car’s infotainment device. You need to have CarPlay in your car and iOS 14 on your iPhone to make it happen.

Effective Way to Change CarPlay Wallpaper

Follow the instructions that we are giving here to apply new wallpaper to your CarPlay:

  1. Make sure to turn on the infotainment system of your car. 
  2. Then connect your iPhone to the system of your vehicle. 
  3. Typically you can use the USB to Lightning cable to connect your iPhone with CarPlay.
  4. If your vehicle is compatible with wireless connectivity, then use the wireless connection.
  5. CarPlay will shortly appear on your car’s system.
  6. After that, head to the App Grid icon from the bottom-left corner.
  7. Then find Settings and then select it.
  8. Head to the Wallpaper choice. 
  9. You should see several wallpapers to choose from. These are the wallpapers that automatically appear when the night or day approaches.
  10. Select the one you want to see now on display. 
  11. Choose the Set button to apply wallpaper.

Keep in mind that you cannot add more wallpapers to the system. Currently, it is not possible to do that. If you want to put your own wallpaper or photos in your car, you can set up a digital photo frame in your car separately. 

Why Should You Change Your CarPlay’s Wallpaper?

It is not something that is way too compulsory in order to ride in your car even though how your car’s system appears does matter a lot. When it gets too old, you might get sick of that old and boring wallpaper.  You may become upset each time you see it. Hence, it is vital to switch the wallpaper of your Car’s infotainment device.

So now that you know how to change the wallpaper on your CarPlay, go ahead and customize the display. However, you cannot change the wallpaper unless you have  iOS 14.

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