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HP Envy 5545 is a powered up light and smooth device having fast printing speed along with amazing printing features that is mainly used for home and office purposes. The printing machine has a big profit of dual-band Wi-Fi network connectivity. So, it may be connected with a USB cord as wireless network to the computer system. This printing machine has the amazing features like print, scan, copy or fax.  It can work on both normal as well as instant ink. Are you looking for easy methods to set up your Hp envy 5545 all in one printer through If yes, you should follow below instructions strongly recommended by the experienced experts.

Installation of printer drivers/software

Users need to update daily the drivers of your HP Envy 5545 Printer from 5545 setup.  Updating the driver is very important for hp setup procedure.


HP Envy 5545 Driver Download for Mac devices

By visiting, you can download the driver software for your HP envy 5545 printer. You can download the appropriate software for your MAC devices from the site and click on software file available on the Mac devices to begin the driver installation procedure. You can complete the installation process using onscreen installer commands and complete the setup procedure.

HP Envy 5545 Driver Download for windows

By visiting, you can download the driver software for your HP envy 5545 printer.  You must follow the installation instructions and complete the installation procedure by linking the USB cord as promoted by the computer system.

Easy steps to set up HP envy 5545 printer using

For the installation process, you should install HP printer drivers from and follow the instructions to get your printing machine into working.

Step1- You need to unbox the HP Envy 5545 Printer and take out all the covers and tapes and put it on a clean area where the power connection is easily and readily available.

Step2-Check out the contents of the box carefully

  • Find the printer devices and accessories in HP Envy 5545 Printer Box.
  • Attempt to find out the printer frills and other filling for printing procedure.
  • Find out the printer manual and go for other instructions. For HP setup, go for next step.

Step3- Put the paper into the tray of your printing machine

Step4-Link HP Envy 5545 Printer to the power cable, turn on printing device and make preferable settings, and connect the printing device to the computer system or laptop with a given USB cord.

Step5-Putting the ink cartridges

Take out the tape on the cartridges, put them into the slot and close the cover to protect it in the right location. Ensure you put the black cartridge to the right side and color cartridge on the left side.

Step6-Establishing with printing

  • When the cartridge is installed successfully, wait for a few seconds for the printing machine to print the alignment page automatically. If the printing machine doesn’t print an alignment page, you have to tap on the printer control panel. Pick up the tools, and tap on align printer properly.
  • Line up the ink cartridges for the top-quality printing.
  • Once the hardware is setup successfully, now you can use your HP Envy 5545 Printer properly.

Thereby, with the help of all these explained instructions, you can set up HP Envy 5545 Printer using successfully. Still, if you’re facing any issues, you can get connected with trained printer experts available round the clock through live phone support.

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