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by Jack prabha - Friday, 6 December 2019, 11:12 AM
Anyone in the world

Have you considered becoming a self-employed person who performs services for other people or companies for a set period and usually gets paid for work? The freelance market has shown its strength in recent years , and the number of interested in joining this segment grows more every day due to various social and economic factors.

Are you interested in becoming a freela and want to find out more about this activity? So stay with us and enjoy reading!

How did the freelance market come about?
The term designating this function, unlike it, is nothing current, having been coined in the middle ages. He characterized the work of free spearmen — that is, freelancers — who were men who fought to protect the nobles and were paid for this service.

Wars, however, end in the origin of the name. Today, the freelance market is gaining more and more fans, either as a main source of income , which is already the reality of many Brazilians, or as a way to earn extra money to supplement income.

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