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by henry 19 - Saturday, 14 December 2019, 7:45 PM
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Harvard Business Review says that customer journey maps are simply diagrams that illustrate the stages the customer goes through when they come into contact with your business . These experiences can take the form of a contact in a real store, on a website or any other channel. The more contact points there are, the more complicated things become.

Make sure your team understands the importance of the customer journey.
All stakeholders must agree on the value of creating a customer journey, at the risk of complicating agreements on the distribution of resources downstream.

Set clearly defined goals.
Whether short or long term goals.

Define your target profiles and personalities.
Work on your contact points.
The contact points are stages throughout the customer mapping, where the latter interacts with the company or the brand. It is imperative to clearly identify each of them and analyze which are the most effective and which should be removed. The effectiveness of contact points is measured by the tools of questionnaires, interviews, engagement rate on social networks, email marketing, call centers, paid advertising, site traffic or any other method.

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