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Arrowverse has lots of metahumans and skill combatants, but not all of them can be considered best. In this article, we are going to rank the top 5 best and worst superhumans of the Arrowverse TV franchise. Most of the extraordinary people are linked with DC’s popular TV show The Flash, but these Arrowverse superbeings are known for their unique power and abilities. Some have great and useful abilities, but some have really weird and almost useless powers that are not impressive at all. We are going to separate them on behalf of their unique abilities.

Source:- Arrowverse: 5 Best Metahumans and 5 Worst

So what’s the wait? Let’s fire it up!

Top 5 best Metahumans of the Arrowverse TV Franchise

  • Kid Flash
  • Team Flash
  • Dinah Drake
  • Firestorm
  • Black Lightning and Thunder

Let's dive in some briefing:-

Kid Flash 

Made by Flash Point in reality, Wally West also is known by his alias Kid Flash. he is also known as Central City’s speedster superhero due to his cool ability to access superhuman speed. When Barry resets the timeline to its rightful place, the Kid flash again becomes a depowered flash or just a regular kid. But he didn’t stay normal for that long, and soon he gets his powers back due to an explosion of dark matter when Barry attempted to get his powers back.

Team Flash 

Team Flash is an alliance of various metahumans who chooses to become a superhero and help others form the baddies. The member of the Team Flash gets their powers from a special event in which an explosion of the dark matter and Speed Force hits their bus. Due to that unique explosion, Ralph Dibney transforms into Elongated Man. Other passengers of the bus also get various abilities, and this makes them adopt the title Team Flash, who thinks that being a hero is not a destiny, but it’s a choice.

Dinah Drake  

She is also known as Black Canary, and her main power is to make sonic-screams, which are too lethal. Before she got the power of producing sonic screams, she was working for the Central City Police Department as undercover. One day, she suddenly hit by an explosion of the particle accelerator, which fills her with dark matter. Her sisters gave her a device, and with the help of that device, she can now make an iconic Canary Cry, which is way better than her standard screams.


Doctor Martin Stein team-ups with the meta-human Ronnie Raymond, and then they both become a single personality called Firestorm. He has Pyrokinetic abilities and can produce and cast fire in an offensive way. When they fitted into each other, it caused a lot of friction in the beginning, but then they started understanding each other while staying in one personality. The Firestorm is indeed powerful and interesting superbeing in the whole Arrowverse.

Black Lightning and Thunder

Jefferson Pierce received powers to manipulate the electricity when he was injected with an infected vaccine. He got his powers when he was just a kid, but as he becomes older, he starts utilizing his powers to help others and to defeat baddies. His daughter also received some powers, such as metahuman strength and indestructibility. They teamed up and fought from their community side.

Top 5 Worst Metahumans of the Arrowverse TV Franchise

  • Hazard
  • The Turtle
  • The Weeper
  • Livewire
  • Pied Piper

Let's dive in some briefing:-


She is known for controlling the luck of her own after she was faced dark matter due to the speed force experiment, which was done in the hope of acquiring Flash. Once she faced that experiment she gets the power to transfer her bad luck to other people and by doing so, she can get rid of her own bad luck. Whenever she sends her bad luck to others, she gets her own good luck. However, we all know that luck is just a perception of people to observe the things of their own life, but actually, it is the time and situations which cause a good and bad time of a person’s life.

The Turtle  

He got the power of absorbing kinetic energy from his surroundings, which allows him to slow down his environment as well as Flash’s super speed. he always uses his powers in a pity way. For instance, he forced her wife to stay in a slow-motion state, so that she can’t leave him even when she wanted to do so. later he used his powers to make her ex-wife’s former office storage for his treasures that he stole.

The Weeper 

He also becomes a metahuman when he was traveling on a bus that was hit by dark matter. When that explosion hit him, he initiated crying so weirdly and then turned into a superbeing. Due to his crying at the moment when the dark matter affected him, his tears become abnormal, and now whenever he cries, his tears contain the psychoactive drug. Most of the baddies want to make a bad use of his unique tears for controlling someone. On occasion, he was caught by DeVoe, who took his tears as much as he can before killing him.


She is superhumanly strong and has the power to manipulate electricity. She gets her power from a certainly weird accident. When the Supergirl was rescuing her from a bad storm, Supergirl hit by a lightning strike, which also hit Leslie. This electricity bolt transferred SuperGirl DNA into her, and then she became Livewire.

Pied Piper 

When an explosion took place in the S.T.A.R Lab, he also hit by the explosion and get his unique and pity powers. His powers are tough to understand and unknown; that’s why he is the worst metahuman in the whole Arrowverse TV series. He can control the Ant-life equation using his sound.

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