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by anna marsh - Thursday, 9 January 2020, 10:06 AM
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There are different ways of learning. Some students do it by asking for help for their essays and assignments by making use of services and requesting them to “write my essay for me”; while some students prefer to focus on their studies and taking measures to learn the concept. In all of this, enters the aspect of trigger warning. Recently, the educational sector of the UK has announced that they would be implementing the strategies of trigger warning.

A trigger warning allows students to be aware of the upcoming course materials that might comprise of content or images which could invoke any negative reactions related to any kind of trauma that the individual might go through. In some cases, the trigger warnings are good as they allow the students to become prepared for any kind of situation. Moreover, the use of materials would also be made in the right way causing students to focus on the right area of the topic.

The government of the UK must ensure that academic institutions are understanding the basic concept that they need to take care of the students, even though there are trigger warning in place regarding the teaching of a concept.