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The first thing for writing a great essay is to come up with a great topic. It is important to look at a range of topics and choose a subject that you can easily handle or something you are passionate to write about.

There are a huge number of problem solution essay topics that you can find on the internet that you and simply don’t know what topic to choose. To write a best problem solution essay you can get help from write essay for me experts. In fact, most of these topics are not going to help you and even affect your essay score. The topics you find online are used over and over again and you would not want to have the same topic as three of your classmates, right? We have a solution; below you can find a list of 50 best and latest problem solution essay topics that you can have a look at and use them for free.


  1. Can divorce be prevented and if so, how?
  2. Should college athletes be paid or not?
  3. Ways to improve coaching in high schools.
  4. Handling that not-so-great roommate.
  5. Which college is right for you?
  6. Being more productive while in class.
  7. How students can deal with homesickness.
  8. Attracting educated teachers to public schools.
  9. How parents can instill honesty in their children.
  10. How can schools keep up with technology?
  11. Why is college so expensive? Any solutions?
  12. How can you get out of a bad relationship?
  13. How can we improve literacy?
  14. What should we do to help people get jobs?
  15. How can a student avoid procrastinating?
  16. How can colleges be made safer?
  17. How can we help kids who are in failing schools?
  18. How to prevent drunk driving and deaths because of it.
  19. How to improve privacy in a digital society?
  20. What are the ways of reducing the gender pay gap?
  21. How can police brutality be eliminated?
  22. How can the tourism rate be increased?
  23. What are the ways to control inflation?
  24. What are the possible solutions to consumerism?
  25. How to develop confidence?
  26. What are the ways to solve the issue of marital rape?
  27. How can piracy be stopped?
  28. What are the ways of eliminating child labor?
  29. How can the issue of obesity be solved?
  30. How to minimize the issue of STDs?
  31. How can deforestation be reduced?
  32. How can a lack of clean drinking water be solved?
  33. What are the ways of reducing cheating?
  34. What are the ways of avoiding cheating?
  35. Ways to make college education more affordable.
  36. How to maintain a healthy diet while studying in college?
  37. How can production process externalities be minimized?
  38. How to increase the number of voters during elections?
  39. How might we help vagrants in our group?
  40. How can the trust between children and parents be built?
  41. How can people fight racial discrimination?
  42. What are the ways of reducing cultural impact?
  43. How can the domestic economy be stimulated?
  44. How the issue of unemployment be solved?
  45. How to eliminate the association between poverty and crime?
  46. How to control and regulate the teenage pregnancy issue?
  47. How to encourage people to adopt children?
  48. How to reduce the impact of gender roles?
  49. What should be possible to anticipate human trafficking?
  50. How we can prevent racial violence.

These are some of the interesting topics that you can consider for your paper. If you are still unable to brainstorm ideas and even write on it too. Why not consider getting help from a write my essay service and let the professional writers craft a successful problem solution essay for you.

Feel free to choose from the above-mentioned topics and start the writing process. Otherwise, go for professional help and get a custom written problem solution essay on any topic. The choice is yours!


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