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A personal essay allows the writer to include his personal life experiences that serve the turning point. It should also mention how those experiences resulted in some major lessons.

Moreover, you can also address an issue close to your heart in your personal essays. The central purpose is to share the writer’s feelings, opinions and experiences. However essay writing help can be taken from write my essay for me service.


It is a kind of a nonfiction autobiography that is narrated in a way that the reader feels as he has experienced it himself.

Characteristics of a Personal Essay

Now that you have understood a personal essay definition, let’s have a look at its characteristics.  

Sharing A Personal Narrative

  • The main purpose is to narrate a life-changing experience

  • It should state all the storyline elements like plot, setting, characters, dialogues, etc.

  • The first-person perspective is mainly used

  • It does not need to be objective

  • A writer must be honest when sharing the experience

Sharing A Personal Opinion

  • A writer has to discuss an issue by proposing a solution

  • It should include facts

  • It defines a problem from your perspective

  • Writer’s opinion serves as evidence to prove the argument

Writing A Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay is same as other types of essays. It also follows the same writing process and structure. However, the only difference is about the content.

Select an Interesting Topic

When choosing a topic, think about things that you like reading about yourself. It includes overcoming a hurdle or losing a loved one. Such ideas will teach readers a lesson. We have made a list of some interesting personal topics for you.

1.       The most unfortunate event that ever happens to you

2.       What annoys you the most?

3.       A person that you admire the most

4.       A poem that inspires you the most

5.       Experience of first road trip

6.       How you overcome the fear of flying?

7.       A frightening experience of spending the night in a haunted house

8.       Significance of personal growth

9.       Your attitude to feminism

10.   Describe the goal of your life

Drafting A Well-Organized Outline

It is better to plan your essays by using an appropriate structure before start writing. Make a list of all the relevant data and draft an outline to organize such information into a different section.

The important sections are as follows:

  • Introduction

Always start your personal essays on a light note. Grab the reader’s attention by providing some shocking information about yourself. You can also introduce the characters of your story.

  • Body Paragraphs

The main body consists of three to five paragraphs. These paragraphs describe life events and how they affected your personality. Also, provide descriptive details about the incident to make it easier for the reader to understand.

  • Conclusion

This section is as important as the introduction of your essay. Therefore, use it to give a sense of closure.

Other Writing Tips

There are some other writing tips as well.

  • Always remain truthful when narrating a story

  • List down your thoughts beforehand

  • Avoid adding any irrelevant details to meet the word count

  • Maintain a positive point of view

Writing personal essays is not as difficult as it seems to be. However, if you do not have enough time, relying on a write essay for me service is a better option instead of risking your grades.