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What is an ATS and what is it for

There are different software oriented to the recruitment and selection of personnel departments, such as the tools that serve to know the motivation and opinion of the employees or the monitoring of candidates. One of them is the candidate tracking systems that help automate the search for talent in your companyWhen we use the concept of ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems we talk about a recruitment and selection software that optimizes the selection processes and represents a great change in the HR sector.

6 Reasons to integrate an ATS into your organization

Recruiters always complain about the lack of time, because a good solution to this problem is to automate and track the different processesThe advantage of these tools is that they offer your business a wide variety of functionalities and the possibility to customize each selection process, in addition to many other benefits that we list below:

Time and productivity savings: Having a candidate tracking system when you have a large volume of resumes for a given job offer means saving time to the human resources department and allowing you to invest your hours in more productive tasks. For example, it is usual that a company that integrates an ATS in its selection processes does not waste the time of the recruiter in reading hundreds and hundreds of CVs, rather this figure focuses on correctly defining a series of filters and criteria that fit with the Job offer and software takes care of the rest.

Improve the quality of the hired candidates: Filtering the candidates and conducting tests is very simple with this type of online tools, you just have to find the one that best fits the needs of your company. On the other hand, it helps to track the candidates, of the different phases of the selection process, to improve the productivity of the company and much more.

Cost reduction: Using an Applicant Tracking Systems reduces hiring time for vacancies, which means that hiring is always more profitable.

Commitment to the legal framework of data protection: The security with which these types of tools work allows a better protection of the company's information and of the candidates' data, making them in each of the steps and in the reception of The data has complied with the GDPR and everything that the law entails in this regard.


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