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You might have noticed that the characters in the show 'How I Met Your Mother' did go through plenty of good changes with the time. To know about it, you need to go have a look at this blog carefully.

Rank-wise character developments

  • Fights between Marshall and Lily
  • Lily did accept that she is not fine
  • Barney's commitment to the relationship with Robin
  • Robin getting sad
  • Ted supporting the relationship between Robin and Barney
  • Marshall is frank about his desires
  • Lily following her dreams
  • Ted letting go of things
  • Robin accepting the love life of her
  • Barney raising a daughter

Source:- How I Met Your Mother: Top Character Developments

Fights between Marshall and Lily

Even after being a wonderful romantic pair, they do fight some of the times like a perfect couple. This makes the viewers find their relationship as real.

Lily did accept that she is not fine

Lily always behaves that she got a wonderful family life, but she did say to her friend that in actual she does feel about going somewhere and never comes back from there.

Barney's commitment to the relationship with Robin

Barney became a better person the time he understood his true love for Robin. This made the viewers surprised that even after knowing that Robin was not ready for giving any commitment to the relationship, he did change himself into a good personality.

Robin getting sad

Even though Robin did behave most of the time strictly due to the strict upbringing that she, she did get sad in the scene where she gets to know that she will never have children. This made the viewers have more respect for her as she does respect her feelings the time needed.

Ted supporting the relationship between Robin and Barney

Even though Ted loved Robin and would have been able to do anything to get her in earlier seasons, but the time he realized Barney's lovable feelings for Robin, he did support it. This shows his selfless character.

Marshall is frank about his desires

Marshall generally has a nature of going with the flow. He not only wears a smile on his face, but he is shown as a jolly person in the show. But the time he accepts that he does not like some part of his life as well as would like to create some modifications, this shows it matters to him a lot. For instance, he wants to quit the present job as he doesn't love doing it. This makes the viewers find something different and significant development in the character of Marshall.

Lily following her dreams

In the initial stage, Lily looks as if she is going to marry the person whom she loves. Another side of Lily is shown the time she accepts that she wants a bigger thing out of her life. This got displayed the time she did break her engagement for becoming a part of the art program in San Francisco. This showed that she could do anything to follow her dreams and being really passionate about whatever she does.

Ted letting go of things

Ted is a true love believer. He understood quickly that Robin doesn't feel for him the way he does for her. Whenever he got to know that both of them have different desires in life, he immediately did officially move on from that relationship.

Robin accepting the love life of her

She is a career-oriented person and used to think that love only puts a barrier to her successful career life. But with time, she did take the risk and welcomed love in her life. This action of her did scare her, but she did take it as a challenge in a positive way.

Barney raising a daughter

Initially, Barney was a womanizer, and he did behave super careless whenever it came to dealing with the women who were part of their life journey. Even though his friends got annoyed with his sort of behavior with the treating women merely as an object, still he didn't change.

But the time Barney started raising a daughter, his thinking for women did change. Not only he stops being a womanizer, but he also began to give women respect.

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