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After the intermission of “Saiyan” Saga in “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot,” the players achieve various benefits like earning useful buffs and unveiling multiple achievements related to the game. However, the smart chefs and “Chi-Chi” make various recipes in the game that attracts the players to eat their most favored and desired recipes as these dishes are self-explainable and received much popularity amongst the gamers and its fans. This is the reason why players are focusing on the latest recipes that made them capable of gaining more moves in the game.

Getting “Only The Finest”: Second Achievement

The gamers have to unlock the second most achievement of the game by making at least five different course meals. With the introduction of “Only The Finest,” the second achievement of the game, players are started to get this achievement as soon as possible to make themselves more powerful. However, the first achievement task of making a one-course meal as a special recipe didn’t create any issue, but this issue is expected to be an issue creating achievement among its fans and gamers. To unlock the features of this long waiting achievement, players have to go through the task of cooking five full course recipes.

The task of cooking five different recipes insinuates the gamers and brings them in trouble as this task is not easy. They have to make five different dishes that shouldn’t be the simplest among the list of recipes. The players will have to gather various recipes to make “5 full course meals” and as well as to gain the achievement. It’s not a too hard task to collect recipes for a cooking meal as players can follow the hints that will guide them to complete their missions.

Gathering Necessary Recipes and Required Elements

The player has to gather all the essential recipes in the game. Gamers are given various hints to give attention to the dialogue “Bubbles” related to NPC’s moves. They have to undergo for hunting rarely found items or materials by appropriate steps and procedures to get the tag of this achievement.

There were various words and elements in that region inside the game. The players are recommended to explore the area properly to get their desired recipe more quickly. Besides recipe elements, there were so many words available there. If you see an “Orange” highlighted word, then it means that the particular item is somewhere or located nearby you. In the case of “Recipe,” the highlighted word means that the player requires to communicate to the particular “NPC” to unlock the features of getting the recipe.

The players of “Kakarot” requires to explore for their mission to get the achievement. Once the player finds all the required ingredients and recipes for the meal, then it needs to be cooked as soon as possible to move for getting the achievement. Once the first meal successfully cooked, then you have completed the first step towards receiving the achievement of “Only The Finest.” Now, the player will be required to explore more to collect all the necessary materials and recipes for making the rest of the other four meals. The gamers have to hunt four more recipe ingredients.

When a player completes all the steps and cooks all the five required meals, then the achievement will automatically unlock, and the player will get more powers and special moves.

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