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by Jack prabha - Friday, 14 February 2020, 8:26 AM
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The challenges Expect to work weekends and nights as unfortunately sometimes the only time you can work is when everyone else goes home. Being a senior technical role it is a bit of a male-dominated industry, also, expect to have some not so great leaders/mentors/managers. What generally makes a great Senior Systems Engineer does not make for great leaders, IT Engineers can sometimes lack the softer skills. When applying for a job try and gauge your new teammates and leaders softer skills before committing to the job.

How much a Systems Architect can make?

Systems Engineering is great but can be challenging. The good things If you enjoy working with multiple technologies and keeping up to date with the latest technology trends its a great career option. If you have a natural curiosity to understand how various systems work (down to the minute detail) you could make a fantastic Systems Engineer. If you like to try and improve business processes through the use of technology then you're in the right role. Lastly, there are fantastic career opportunities after being an Snr Systems Engineer, you can go down the further technical path of becoming an Architect or you can go down the path of becoming a Manager.

According to a NASA systems engineer job description, being a systems engineer is both an art and a science. It is an art because of the creativity required in design and needing to lead people. It is a science because of the rigorous process and protocols they must follow. However, three major things matter most: people, processes, and products. This systems engineer job description will cover everything such as typical responsibilities, essential skills required education, and job outlook.