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by Jack prabha - Wednesday, 19 February 2020, 10:31 AM
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You are working on an important project, and suddenly everything disappears from the screen and only strange white text on a blue background remains on it. If this is an isolated case, as a rule, it is enough to restart the computer and hope for the best. If a similar screen appears before your eyes quite often, it means that you are faced with some kind of problem that requires your intervention.


At Microsoft, these situations are called stop errors, but most users prefer a more understandable designation: Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

Errors of this kind rarely occur in new versions of the operating system, but from time to time you still see a blue screen of death in front of you (I personally observed it no more than two days ago). When this happens, as a rule, it is enough to reboot and then hope for the best. But if such errors occur regularly, therefore, a problem has arisen with the computer that needs to be resolved.

In this case, it makes sense to search for information about a particular BSoD screen, and then - since it is rather difficult to extract rational information from this information - turn to the Internet in search of practical advice.

What does a Workstation PC Technician do?

What to do when a blue screen of death appears before your eyes? Useful information is provided in the first paragraph and under the heading Technical information at the bottom of the screen.

Since the Windows tool that allows you to take snapshots of the screen cannot be used when a BSoD error occurs, you will have to copy all the important information onto paper. You can also take a picture of the screen with a camera or phone. But it is unlikely that you will get a good (or even just easy to read) picture.