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Google Maps is one of the most advanced and updated tools for defining or searching for a particular location. It uses a magnetometer built in your smartphone to serve you the accurate location and the direction in which you are moving. Today, most of the Android smartphones are enabled with a magnetometer.

Searching a location and following a direction has become an easy task with Google Maps. You must need your Google Maps to provide the best results in searching for a particular location. For this, you have to adjust your app’s compass by navigating the application settings.

Below are the steps to calibrate your Google Map compass easily and comfortably.

Easy Way to Check the Accurate Direction on Google Map

Before going further, it is recommended to check that your application is reporting you with an accurate direction or not. If not, then pursue these instructions:

  • In the beginning, launch the application of Google Maps on your Android gadget.
  • Next, locate the blue round symbol fetching your location on your screen. In case you are unable to view it.
  • Then hit the circular bulls icon located at the lowermost right-hand side edge of your device’s screen. It will provide you the exact location where you are standing.  A blue-colored beam around the circle signifies the direction.

Easy Way to Calibrate Android Compass on Google Map

Users can adjust the Google Map compass manually if the application is not calibrating the same automatically.

  • Firstly, launch the Google Map application on your handheld device.
  • Now, ensure that the blue circular icon is appearing on your gadget’s screen.
  • Tap on the blue-colored location tool for expanding extra information related to your location.
  • Scroll to the lowermost section of your device’s screen and hit the tab “Calibrate Compass.” After that, you will see the calibration screen of your device’s compass. The location accuracy will display at the lowermost section of the device’s screen. It could be low, medium, or high.
  • Then, hold your gadget tight and move it in the direction as eight for three times.
  • Once you have successfully calibrated your application, it will give you a confirmation prompt on your screen.
  • Then, you will be automatically brought to the primary page of the app.

When the process performed successfully on your device, the direction flash beam will automatically minimize in a constant ratio. This process will improve the accuracy of your location.

Easy Way to Improve the Accuracy of Google Map

There are various ways to enhance the device’s location accuracy. It is possible on both tablet and Android handheld devices in any location. One can move to the range of strong network or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Then, turn the Wi-Fi feature to “Off” and then “Enable” it once again.
  • Then, check that the issue is resolved completely or not. If not then, try to Update Google Application as there might be some issue with the old edition of your application. It will also remove various minor bugs and viruses from your device to give you a safe location browsing experience.
  • Then, make sure that the Google Application is updated to the latest edition and all set to search for accurate location.

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