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by Alex Hales - Štvrtok, 27 február 2020, 1:27
Anyone in the world

The great importance of the link. The link located on the affiliate's website or blog takes on a key importance in this system for various reasons:

Attracts and directs traffic to the link where the user will be able to perform the action that interests us.
It serves to control (track) and analyze the different visits : from which website it is bounced, if the desired purchase or action is made, at what time it is executed, etc.

The different forms of compensation existing

Another fundamental aspect is the definition of the rules of the game . That is, specify the different events or actions that the targeted user must perform so that the affiliate receives the commission that corresponds .

There is no single system but, depending on the type of item or service that is marketed, different conditions can be established that will grant the right to receive a commission as compensation.

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