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by Bravo benn - Utorok, 3 marec 2020, 12:48
Anyone in the world

Since this is one of the best career growth opportunities you can choose, you need to understand that it is not so easy to achieve the knowledge in the same. Generally, many IT companies look for the professional expert who with years of experience in the DWK or business knowledge is given preference.

But if these candidates have the good understanding of Hadoop ecosystems such as Cassandra, NoSQL databases, VisualPath, MapReduce, and MongoDB to name a few, have a good scope of pay. There are so many career opportunities in which you can make your way in different business industries such as healthcare, retailers, sports, energy, media, and utilities and earn a good name. 

You might have started as a fresher in a small company and may not be that happy as you are actually expecting but the fact is since, Hadoop is already a strong pillar of IT companies like Apple, Facebook, and Yahoo, there is no doubt that learning it would give you better opportunity to grow. Since it an open source framework, it is quite easy and cost-friendly solution for the company to afford and that is why they already prefer hiring the candidate who has knowledge in this field.

Since it is one of the advanced yet well-loved distributed computing technologies with minimal cost, there is no doubt that employer considering a person why Hadoop expertise will give you a direct entry to the better payroll company.