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by Soni Saxena - Štvrtok, 5 marec 2020, 9:50
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The primary benefit of business intelligence is to provide a solution that is suitable for your business. It customizes and offers a solution that is most suitable to the company and is relevant to your business goals. With business intelligence and business analytics, your company can have an account of all the impacts it has had (whether they’re good or bad.) Data analytics plays a vital role in helping your company devise the best plan possible. Business intelligence systems help companies move towards the right direction and make smart choices from the business data collected and analyzed.

Business Intelligence (BI) software helps companies to develop new strategies by analyzing the current market trends and say above their competitors. It allows companies to score new opportunities; complete customer satisfaction based on data-driven reports. It helps optimize service for the clients, improves productivity, and monitors all the data from anywhere in real-time.

The advantages of Business Intelligence tools are -

1. Relevant and accurate reporting
2. Key Insights
3. Stay ahead in the game
4. Quality and accurate data
5. Improved customer satisfaction
6. Improve growth patterns
7. Efficiency and accuracy
8. Faster decision making
9. Greater operational efficiency and increased revenue
10. Bigger profits