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The on-going battle of humanity against amid pandemic in the world has led to a much greater extent. In reference to priority concern, one of the main elements of the US GOVT, MR. Andrew Cuomo has proclaimed that the presidential election of New York will be postponed till June 23rd 2020.

The news has been announced by MR. Cuomo on March 28th2020, through a press conference. He stated that it is not a great idea to call upon numerous people at one location to vote as the danger of spreading various will increase. He added, so after an hourly discussion, a mutual consent has been made to postponed elections to June 23rd.

However, without any concern, the Democratic National Committee has warned each US states that they will be charged with fine if they postponed elections more than June 9th. As it lies in violation of rules made by the Federal Government and thus, it would lead to depletion in numbers of delegates. Alongside, DNC also stated that including Puerto Rico and the other ten states, the voting had been altered to mail option.

President Trump also came forward to show his concern towards the US and announced a complete lockdown in New JerseyNew York, and Connecticut. In his statement, the President said that he is concerned about the current situation, and he is doing what is necessary to do right now. He added few days of locked would definitely help the US to mark the victory over amidst pandemic.

Although, the Twitter handle of President Trump had clearly shown that still, he is not sure about the announcement of quarantine in NYC along with New Jersey. In 0ne of their article, famous news distributor, Associated Press proclaimed that it is the duty of the federal government to handle the current situation, but it has been divided into states to state orders for their own subsidiaries.

Even though President Trump agreed to the above statement and said he has spoked to state governors of Florida and New York, however, Cuomo told in the subsequent press conference that he has no idea about quarantine announcements yet. Following day, President Trump also added more tweets in which one of them is depicting about issuing of String Travel Advisory for NYC and New Jersey by CDC, and after all that, we don’t need to do a lockdown.

The current situation of the US is not great as on March 29th, 2020, WHO declared the USA to be on the top list of major infected countries by amid outbreak. The number of infected people in the US has crossed 100 k mark on yesterday, let us pray for all of them to get fine as soon as possible. We hope that the amid outbreak will not be postponed or canceled any of the forthcoming events, and soon, we find a way to eradicate it completely.

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