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The Origin of the History of Togel in the World
The origin of lottery history - Togel is one of the gambling games that has long been known by people in the world. According to history, the lottery first emerged from the Kedah area in 1955. This fact is supported by evidence found during a gambling trial in Singapore in 1956.

The next lottery gambling game was developed quickly and easily for use in every event with lottery prizes such as bicycles. The method used to determine the winner is to randomize and withdraw the ticket stubs of the participants who attended the event. At first this lottery game started with tickets that have only 2 digit numbers.

Over time, this game developed into 3 digit numbers and even to 4 digit numbers until now as we know it today as 4D. And since it was proven, this 4D or lottery number game became very popular in Singapore until it spread to Malaysia in 1960.

4D games in Singapore were very well known, so they formed the Singapore Turf Club in 1986 where the game system provided a computerized, customized system that is now better known as Singapore pools / Togel Singapore . With an accurate system, so that it can provide great benefits for Singapore ponds, which is around 290 million SGD (Singapore Dollar). With a very large number of enthusiasts, it's no wonder Singapore pools can survive until now and even be legalized in Singapore.

Togel Singapore collects every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, for Tuesday and Friday there are no rounds. Although Singapore collecting or lottery Singapore is legal in Singapore, but players who agree to place bets are those who have gained 18 years or who already have an identity card. The market is open until 17:30 and the SGP results of the round will be conducted directly in front of the parties from the invited parties, public accountants, as well as players and the public, the results of which will be officially announced on the singaporepools website.

Until now, Singapore pools are the fairest lottery market and have the most interest in Singapore or other southeast Asian countries.