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Is living in your parents 'or in-laws' house no longer life? Definitely having a personal or family space where you enforce your own rules would be a dream come true. Decree it and don't take your finger off the line, since the first step to achieve it is to be convinced that you can do it.

The second step is to have a savings plan and be willing to make some sacrifices to collect the down payment on your property. Remember that even when you request a mortgage loan from the bank , Infonavit or Fovissste, there are some expenses that will always come out of your pocket.





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The price of living in the capital

Having a house in a metropolis like Blue world city Islamabad  ours implies a great investment. According to Eduardo Torres, director of AI360, the purchasing capacity of the workers is located in buildings with a value of one million to two million pesos (mp). “However, the most recent figures tell us that the prices of the apartments in CDMX are around 2.5 mp. Its price per m2 ranges from 32 thousand pesos, when last year it was at 30 thousand pesos, that is, they have had a growth of close to 7% ”, he explains.

According to Torres, there are certain neighborhoods that have experienced exceptional growth, such as the Gas neighborhood in Azcapotzalco that presented a 20% increase in the price per m2 in the last year alone. Other neighborhoods with an interesting upturn are Las Águilas and Dha Peshawar, in Álvaro Obregón; Anahuac in Miguel Hidalgo; Buenavista in Cuauhtémoc; Narvarte, Piedad Narvarte, Ermita and Portales in Benito Juárez.

Choose the ideal area for you

To find out the ideal location for your new home, you need to take into account its added value potential and the average price range in the area. Data from Vivanuncios, the eBay real estate portal in Mexico , report that the average price per m2 in two-bedroom apartments in the different municipalities of CDMX is as follows:


Keys to choosing the best mortgage credit

Once you have this price picture, it is time to draw up the action plan. In most cases, the way to access a home is through a mortgage loan, but choosing the best one among the offer that exists in the market is not always easy.

According to Fernando Soto-Hay, director of Tu Hipoteca Fácil, the first thing to remember is that a person should not allocate more than 30% of their gross monthly income to pay their mortgage credit. Otherwise, you would be compromising your financial situation, your lifestyle and the possibility of building wealth over time.





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In general terms, the specialist suggests opting for a 15-year loan, at a fixed rate and in pesos, this because it is the appropriate period to pay a property and cover the debt as soon as possible; a fixed rate offers certainty of what will be paid during the life of the credit regardless of the ups and downs of the economic environment; and that it be in pesos avoids the increase and volatility of a credit in minimum wages.

"An important tip is that you can detect when you have the ability to buy a house when you have saved at least 20% of the value of the property you want, that plus the deed expenses, which gives a total of 27% of the price of the house ”, ends Soto-Hay.