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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is one of those games where you need to get yourself up from the lowest level. At the beginning of the game, you will have nothing, but you can achieve so much by doing essential things. One of the most important things to obtain in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is renown, and to get it, you need to keep your level up and your clan tier higher. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has amazing weapons, challenges, rewards. However, there is no easy way to earn renown, so here is the guide to obtain renown faster.

In the game, there are various ways to earn renown, and if you follow every procedure, you can have a huge amount of renown. Even if you are willing to do battle in the town, tournaments, or any other purpose, your earning of renown will always keep on, but there are some ways that you must try to achieve a huge amount of renown.

Be a Part of Kingdom

The best way in game that can let you have a huge amount of renown is by joining a Kingdom. After you reach clan tier 1, you will be eligible to join a clan to earn what you willing for. You need to follow clan rules to keep secure your place in the clan. At the time of joining clan, you will be a mercenary. If you stay in the clan until it reaches clan level 2, you will become vassal. After being a vassal, you will be allowed to collect renown depend on your potential and your handling. This is how you will earn renowned, coin income, and influence others too. If you don’t know how to join a clan so here is the guide for you.

How To Join a Kingdom as Mercenary

It is the first level in the kingdom, and no one knows what you are capable of and your worth. So you need to prove your worth in the clan as a sellsword.

  • Reach to your clan level 1, and for that, you also need to finish a quest name “Rebuilt Your Clan.”
  • Wait until the kingdom approves your request to join the war.
  • Look for the kingdom lord on the map for joining.
  • Talk to them regarding join as mercenary.

You will be part of the kingdom, and the enemies of the kingdom will be your enemies as well. So now you are part of the kingdom, you can join battles, participate in the sieges, armies and earn some coins.

How to Join a Kingdom as Vassal

Vassal is the second level of the clan that comes after mercenary. In o join as a vassal, it is better to join a mercenary because it will help to grow better relationships with others. However, if you have enough renown, then you can easily join as the vassal of the kingdom.

  • Reach to your clan level 2.
  • Look for the ruler of the kingdom for joining as a vassal.
  • Talk to the ruler about joining as a vassal.
  • Swear oath and complete your dialog to progress.

Unlike mercenaries, the vassal is a higher clan rank, and it will allow you to do things regarding politics, acquiring lands, and many more things. You will see many more differences after joining them.

Battle against Tough Enemies

Battle against looters is not a tough thing, and that does not matter in the game; neither looters care about this. One of the most important things that you need to focus on is battle against tough opponents. On the path of earning renown, you and your opponent should have a competitive army with troops. You can earn higher number of renown when your opponent has a bigger army than you, and you still win. You will achieve higher renown when your opponent has 10 troops or more than that. While battle with an opponent doesn’t get destroyed because if this happens, you will earn nothing from your defeat. If you join a huge kingdom, the chances of battle will increase too.

Join Tournaments Battles

Apart from the tough battles, tournaments can also provide some renown. If you play tournaments, you will get to achieve coins and renown after winning them. Every round of the tournament will provide renown if you reach out on top. For the winner of the tournament, several items available that you might have earned previously and sold to the merchant.

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