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Hello everyone, here I will explain about carding / credit card theft online. Without saying much, you can read it below now.

What is Carding?
Carding is defined as the illegal use of a card (Credit / Debit) by an unauthorized person (carder) to buy a product. Obviously, someone's card is used for personal gain without the owner knowing. While Carder is a term for people who use the details of a hacked credit card to do carding.

To distinguish the types of credit cards is very easy to do, because each credit card company starts their credit card number with a unique number to identify individually as shown below.

American Express (AMEX Card) - 3
Visa Card - 4
Master Card - 5
Discover (Disco) - 6

What is BIN?
This is known as a Bank Identification Number (BIN). Which is the first 6 digits on the card, for example: 431408.

Many sites that collect information about this BIN, you can use the 3 sites below for that.


Things Needed For Carding
1. Computer or Laptop
2. Socks (Compulsory, But some people do use VPN, but it’s advisable to use Socks)
3. Mac Address Changer (Compulsory)
4. CCleaner
5. RDP (is optional,but it’s advisable to use it for security purposes)
6. Dropper (optional but it’s advisable to use it for more Secured shopping sites)
7. CC (Credit Card)

Where Can I Learn Carding?
You can learn from anywhere, from free or paid. One carder site that I recommend is the CARDING FORUM. There are many things you need to learn how to carding.

You can also learn self-taught through YouTube or Google. Many tutorials circulate there, or buy the services of people to teach you.

Best wishes.