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by emma emily - Monday, 21 January 2019, 12:27 PM
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Application Security:
It is the process of using software and hardware to protect the applications from external threats. It emphasizes the developers’ responsibility in creating safe applications which are not prone to threats because APPs are widely accessible over various networks.

Network Security:
It aims at protecting the network usage uniting the network and data. These days, people are using machine learning to prevent threats, comprising both hardware and software.

Cloud Security:
Many firms are shifting to the cloud environment, it is a good practice, but in parallel, we should investigate its security aspects, as well. Here, the main concern lies in understanding the users’ behavior which is a daunting task.

Information Security:
It is an approach to defend the information suite from being misled. For this, we should maintain ultimate integrity and protection of business data. Besides, there are many other areas which should be provided with utmost security.

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