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by Billy Mark - Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 7:42 AM
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Just hearing the name GameBoy Advance can send some 90’s kids down memory lanes, and such nostalgia is justified too. GBA was one of the coolest things at that point in time. Being able to play GameBoy Advance was one of the most fantastic feeling a kid could get back then, Mario, Castlevania, Metroid, and many more games are etched in the memories of many. And here we are bringing some good news for you GBA fans, as we are providing a list of the best emulators for you to play GBA games on. You can install these emulators on your Android devices, and you will be able to run any of the GBA game.

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List of 5 Best GameBoy Advance Emulators for Android

Here we have gathered a list of best emulators to play the GBA games.

  1. My Boy! GBA Emulator

It is a full-featured emulator, which will let you run any GBA games. The app is available on Google PlayStore at a price of $5. The emulator supports every Android device and GBA game there is.

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My Boy allows you to save states, and speed up gameplay with many more features. An external keyboard can also be attached to your device, or any other sort of controller can be attached too. There is also a free version available which comes with fewer features. It does not support instant save and external attachments.

  • Commodore 64

C64.emu is one of the best GBA emulators for Android as it is very stable to play on. With an easy to use user interface, the  Commodore 64 is also compatible with ReSID and FastSID. It also supports multi-touch controls for Android.

  • John GBA

It is one of the lighter GBA emulators for Android. It can support Android devices with the operating system as low as Kitkat. John GBA supports instant save, and also lets you take a screenshot in the middle of a game. You can purchase the app for 1$ if you do not like ads.

  • MyGBA

It is a modded version of the game and thus is free of cost to everyone. It supports save states; however, it does not let you use cheat codes.

  • Nostalgia GBC

It is available for free and paid versions. It has a unique set of boost buttons, which is a help for every player. The app also lets you replay any section you want, so that is a big help for every player.

You can try every single one of the free emulators and then buy the one most suitable for you.

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