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SD-WAN enables the entire network to be clouded. 
It is characterized by easy topology change and support for large-scale networks. A WAN connected to many locations can be regarded as a single network and managed on the cloud, so it is possible to improve operational efficiency and effectively utilize the line rather than managing routers on-site. 

Leveraging our abundant construction experience, we provide optimal solutions for WANs of various sizes. Marubeni Network Solutions will make use of its extensive construction experience to propose the most suitable SD-WAN according to customer requirements such as Cisco SD-WAN, Juniper Networks, Fortinet, and VeloCloud.

I want to make effective use of multiple WAN lines!The SD-WAN service makes effective use of bandwidth by using WAN lines for high and low priority applications. In addition, line delay and packet loss are constantly monitored, and application communication is dynamically distributed to the appropriate line.

 I want to eliminate the bottleneck on the data center!The SD-WAN service allows specific traffic on the cloud, such as Office 365 and Windows Update, to be accessed directly from the base via the Internet, so that the lines used in business operations are not compressed.

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