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Anyone in the world

If we are talking about the perfect world, then every smartphone would be the same as each other. Nowadays, mostly everyone has the same services due to the same applications when it comes to communication and sharing.

Every OS has its dedicated chatting platform like and there are many additional messaging, photo-sharing, and social networking apps the users can avail of. Even sharing between two devices of the similar brand has become remarkably as seen in Galaxy and iPhone devices. While all this sounds good, we here have gathered the best tips to here, we are allowing some useful tips on how you can make a cross-platform to make communication simple and more convenient.

iMessage Problem

If you are an Android user and recently moved to an iPhone, then turn off iMessenger and make sure to tell your iPhone-using friends to launch a new conversation into their new device. If you can make a new conversation, then you can’t to receive or send a message to each other. This is an actual situation for the group chat; since the iMessage has a much tricky situation or also routine, the group chats that is no more extended service to people.

Getting Everyone in Same Page

iMessenger is an excellent feature for everyone that is using the iPhone, but you don’t need to know how to show every chat on one page. You can also use old messaging method to keep your messages into your iPhone and your friends are still able to chat via the messaging application or you can also shift everyone in the platform.

WhatsApp is a most well-liked messaging application worldwide, and the good thing about is that most users know about its features. It is completely free for the all user and also support HD file sharing video calling, voice calling and many more features.

Disable Advanced Texting Features

One of the main problem with iPhone user is they struggle to get messages on their device from the Android users. You need to enable some “Advance messenger protocol” in the carrier that is an inbuilt feature in the iPhone devices. You can also disable third-party applications such as AT&T or Verizon that can prevent your messages from getting through the competing iMessage.

Using another Cross-Platform

The death sound of any Apple device is trying to use Apple-only service. The Apple device is excellent for some users, but iPhone photos backup service indicates that it is not really compatible with the other world.

Buying an Android Mobile

Now in 2020, iOS and Android devices are offering more features and tools like the incredible camera and many rich features in the different prices. So you can even consider switching the Oss completely and shift to an Android device or vice-versa.

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