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by Jack prabha - Utorok, 19 máj 2020, 12:56
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Your PC owes a great debt to a litany of forefathers, so you should be able to enjoy that history on your PC. And you can – software emulators can transform your PC into anything from a ZX-80 to a Commodore Amiga.

That said, legally running old software isn't the most straightforward of tasks. Many publishers still retain the rights to distribute old titles, so while games may be readily available online, they're usually not technically legal to obtain. Similarly, many emulators are forced to make use of the system ROMs of their target machine, clouding their legitimacy.

You can turn your PC into one running an older version of Windows using DOSBox, which includes a reverse-engineered and legitimate version of DOS suitable for running any old software you might have hanging around.

Know more about the comptia project+ certification.

And a few publishers have smiled kindly on the emulation scene and released their software for legal use on emulators – check out www.mame for a selection of arcade games and for versions of classic space trader game Elite that are suitable for just about every emulator.