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AVG Firewall is an important part that keeps the eye on import and export network traffic from the internet to your computer. All the transferred data from the internet is not safe and so having antivirus like AVG plays an important role in data safety. AVG can be downloaded from its official site such as or etc. AVG contains firewall which safe all your data from multiple virus and hackers as well. for better protection, you should turn on the firewall. Sometimes updating firewall or AVG software shows some errors which may trouble the user. So, today we will discuss how you can fix the AVG firewall error once you update it.

 Many users found ‘Enhanced Firewall is turned off’ or any other error messages linked with firewalls. Hence, you can follow the below procedure to fix it;


Fix the AVG firewall issue –

If you updated the AVG and firewall has turned off but not opening again, then;

Step 1 – Open AVG software.

Step 2 – Go to Menu.

Step 3 – Click on Settings.

Step 4 – Next, click on the 'troubleshoot' link.

Step 5 – Scroll down the ‘Reset All Settings’ section.

Step 6 – Click on the ‘Reset to default’ button.

Step 7 – Now, restart the device and try to turn on the firewall.  

If the above steps don’t help you, you have the choice left which reinstalls the software. For it, you can follow below instructions;


Reinstall the setup and fix the firewall issue –

To reinstall the AVG antivirus, uninstall the previous updated or non-updated version. 

  • Go to the windows menu.

  • Go to Apps and Features tab.

  • Select the AVG software and uninstall it.

  • Otherwise, download the AVG uninstaller tool.

  • Then, install and run this tool.

  • Now, remove AVG installed file using this uninstaller tool.

Now, your device is ready to reinstall the setup. You can then follow below process to reinstall the AVG setup and turn on the firewall;

Step 1 – Go to:  avg download | install avg with license number

Step 2 – if you go through the second URL, then choose the product and download it.

Step 3 – if you go through the first URL, enter the product key code.

Step 4 – next, submit the key and login to the AVG account.

Step 5 – Choose your product and download it.

Step 6 – From the saved download folder, look for the installer file.

Step 7 – Double-tap on the installer file and follow instructions.

Step 8 – Once you agree to the license agreement, complete the steps showing on the screen.

Step 9 – Enter the recent code, once prompt. And follow the displayed instructions to complete the installation.

You will now get the latest version of AVG antivirus. Therefore, you can turn on the firewall. 


Turning on the Firewall option –

If the reinstallation works for you then, you can turn on the firewall advanced option. Here are the steps;

  • Open AVG interface.

  • From the main window of the AVG software, click on Firewall tile.

  • Hit the Settings icon (check in the bottom right of the page).

  • Click on the Advanced Settings option.

  • You can now customize the settings. like in the next step,

  • From on the left menu, click on the Application tab.

Now you can add or remove the application you want to safeguard by firewall. You can choose and manage firewall settings.  

Still, if your issue doesn’t get resolved by reinstallation or above methods, then you must contact AVG support. Otherwise, you ask queries through the AVG community. Mailing to AVG support can help you by sending a solution through email. 



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