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After hours of scrolling through your photos, when you finally find a one you look good in, friends choose to photobomb you in that picture. And now here you are, with no clue what to do. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! What if we tell you that you can very smoothly remove unwanted ex, random people, and objects from your photo in your iPhone using a few apps? Yes, it’s possible and you don’t need no photoshop knowledge. It’s that simple with these apps.

1. Adobe Photoshop Fix – Free

Adobe Photoshop Fix is a very famous app among amateur photographers and other people who wish to enhance their photos using a variety of tools provided in the app.

To remove a person from your photo using this app-

Import the photo from your phone’s gallery to the app. Then click on the ‘pen’ icon and outline the person or object you want to remove. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Make a Selection’. Go to the ‘Edit’ option and select ‘Fill’ for the final image. Do click the ‘Content Aware’ option for a better result.

2. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch offers you very easy tools to clone and remove objects and people from the images. It’s quite simple to use if you are having difficulty with the Adobe Photoshop Fix.

To remove a person from your photo using this app-

Start with importing the photo from your camera roll to the app. Then select a resolution you want your final output to be in. Now choose ‘Lasso’ or ‘ Brush Tool’ to draw over the person or object you want to remove. In case of the ‘Lasso’ tool, just outline the object. You can also adjust the size of your brush accordingly. At last, click on the ‘Start’ button at the bottom to remove the selected area from the picture.

3. Enlight Photofox – Free

This one is a really creative app with awesome tools to make your picture look flawless. Tools like Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, and many more make it better than other photo editing apps. You also get a large variety of fonts, filters and special effects with Enlight Photofox.

To remove a person from your photo using this app-

After importing the photo from your camera roll, click on the Tools > Heal > Mode > Patch to create patches in the form of circles- one to cover the unwanted object or person and another to cover the clear area. Place both the circles accordingly and tap the ‘Flatten’ button until the object/person you want to remove disappears. In case the selected portion doesn’t blend perfectly, try again with the ‘Feathering’ and ‘Fuse’ options. Continue smoothening with the ‘Heal’ feature until the desired results come out.

4. SnapSeed – Free

SnapSeed is a really great app with advanced editing tools and settings. It is designed by Google and has a number of tools you can play with to make your shot amazing. Though SnapSeed is not the app for removing big objects from the images, you can definitely use it for small ones.

To remove a person from your photo using this app-

Choose your photo from your camera roll into the editing page of the app and click on the ‘Editing’ icon on the bottom left corner of the page. Among all the tools, click on the ‘Heal’ button and draw over the object or person you want to remove, using your fingers. Now hit the ‘Save’ option to save your edited photo.

So you see, you don’t actually need any powerful photoshop tools and computers to remove a person or object from your photo. All you require is a good app, as we enlisted above, and some creativity. Just with a little effort, you can get incredible shots that are absolutely Insta-worthy.

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