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Configure the quality thresholds (delay, label loss, jitter, etc.) of critical applications by configuring the default preferred links of critical applications on the SD-WAN controller to provide quality assurance for different levels of applications. The key processes are as follows:

Select the link with the best delay, jitter or packet loss rate for critical applications

The remaining traffic load is shared on both links, maximizing bandwidth utilization

Critical application traffic will be rerouted to other links when the current link quality is cracked and exceeds the threshold.

In order to achieve these capabilities, SD-WAN networks need to have the following key capabilities:

Application identification, router support for identifying applications through DPI

Application/link SLA detection and statistics, the router supports the detection and statistics of service traffic and network quality, and reports to the controller actively.

Intelligent routing, the router supports switching the application path according to the policy

3. Refined operation and maintenance

The traditional operation and maintenance is mainly based on experience, lack of effective data support, and low operation and maintenance efficiency. SD-WAN technology can data and visualize the operation and maintenance of the network of the network, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency. Specifically, the benefits can be clearly obtained in the following aspects:

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