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What is SD-WAN, why does SD-WAN come from, and why has it caused such concern in the market?

This needs to start from the SDN itself. From Stanford University in 2006 to the centralized control architecture and Openflow protocol, to the commercial case of GoogleB4 in 2012, the focus of SDN budding and disillusionment has been in the cloud and data center scenes, the industry is eager to find the next killer app . On the other hand, the development of cloud computing technology has triggered the transformation of the IT industry. Internet + has driven the transformation of traditional industries. To B's Internetization has surpassed the attention of To C in 2014.

It can be said that SD-WAN services focusing on the enterprise market and the wide area network are formed in such industry background and expectation. The first word about SD-WAN appeared in the public view of "Software-Defined WAN: A Primer" published on in September 2014, but in fact the concept of SD-WAN comes from the earlier Hybrid WAN. In order to solve the problem of unstable Internet connection in the enterprise market and expensive MPLS VPN, it is a game problem.

There are N versions in the definition of SD-WAN. In addition to the definitions in Wikipedia, IDC, Gartner and other analysis consulting organizations and startup companies have different interpretations, and they also provide different solutions and products. A more comprehensive definition of personal feeling is SDxCentral's "SD-WAN is a service formed by applying SDN technology to the WAN scenario. This service is used to connect a wide geographical enterprise network, including enterprise branches and data centers. The typical feature of this service is to "cloud" the control capabilities of a WAN network composed of specific hardware through software .

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