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In the IT environment of multinational corporations, how to effectively improve the network protection of branch offices and overseas offices has become a major issue for enterprise security. In 2016, the first bank ATM was attacked by hackers. It was reported that the telephone recording host of the London branch in the United Kingdom was invaded and became the springboard for the other party to attack the internal network. After that, it infiltrated the application server responsible for updating the delivery and monitoring. Then, through this pipeline, the file with the control command was issued to the designated server. ATM equipment.

How to strengthen the security of the branch network, but also need to consider the needs of simple deployment and centralized management? There is a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution on the market, and HPE Aruba is one of the suppliers that can supply such products. As early as 2015, they started to operate solutions for the branch network environment. In June of this year, HPE Aruba announced the launch of Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch), which integrates Aruba's own SD-WAN, as well as wireless network base stations and network switches to help enterprises manage various local IT. Applications, for example, access to cloud services, the Internet of Things, and mobile applications.Aruba SD-Branch consists of four main components, namely the cloud management platform Aruba Central (the uppermost part of the picture), and the branch network gateway (Branch Gateway), branch office wireless area network and wired area network. (Access Point, Switches), Headend Gateway, and in the centralized policy control section, the solution also includes the Aruba ClearPass platform.

Basically, the SD-Branch includes two product lines, the Aruba Branch Gateway and the cloud management platform Aruba Central, to build SD-WAN, wired network and in a single point environment. Wireless network connectivity and policy-enforced control capabilities to provide a secure, easy-to-scale, scale-out network access environment that reduces the cost of large-scale deployment of related equipment and reduces builds The cost of the WAN.

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