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A világon bárki

Just when you think SD-WAN is going to be flat, Oracle acquired Talari. Previous major acquisitions included VMware's acquisition of VeloCloud, Cisco's acquisition of Viptela and Riverbed's acquisition of Ocedo.

  Without too much analysis, it can be predicted that more and more SD-WAN vendors will be acquired or closed due to the market's inability to maintain so many existing and more likely vendors in the future. In addition to acquisitions between vendors, it is expected that some service providers will join the competition and adopt a vertical integration strategy. We will see at least one service provider acquiring SD-WAN vendors in 2019 to consolidate ownership of their SD-WAN products. Whether this integration will succeed is another matter.

  MPLS price drop

  You may have seen statistics showing that MPLS customers have not disappeared and MPLS revenues have not been compromised by the advent of SD-WAN. But keep in mind that we are at the beginning of the SD-WAN trend, and many SD-WAN early adopters are only layering SD-WAN, but retaining MPLS. As vendors continue to introduce MPLS-like performance and use multi-broadband links with 4G/LTE backups to improve service level agreements, either the price of the MPLS link drops or the new MPLS installation is reduced. Or both, this trend will soon be reflected in the data.

  Some service providers will effectively sell and deploy SD-WAN

  Service providers will continue to face the challenge of either adopting SD-WAN or pushing SD-WAN or both. This is no different from NFV vendors "hedging" their bets by providing verbal service virtual network capabilities that may be effective but not very good, while they are still pushing their own proprietary hardware, which is currently possible Will show a higher price/performance ratio. In any case, it's clear that companies are very interested in transforming their WANs, and business and competitive pressures have forced them to upgrade their WANs as quickly as possible.

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