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by Jack prabha - Štvrtok, 18 jún 2020, 7:59
Anyone in the world

Each one swears they have the “secret formula” for SD-WAN success. But now that everyone is rushing into the space, the competition will heat up and you’ll see things start to consolidate, as every market does when there are too many choices.

There are only four possible outcomes for all of these vendors in an oversupplied market. First, they could go big, get customers and go public, becoming a “traditional vendor”. Second, those with momentum can merge with other like-minded rivals to create a more robust competitive suite to take on the big guys. Third, they could have unique IP that a traditional vendor could acquire in their pursuit of building an SD-WAN suite. Or fourth, they could run out of runway before they get to a critical mass of either revenue or customers.

With more than a dozen companies fighting for market share and more joining every day, it will be interesting to see who ends up going down which path. While everyone seems to have their niche today, the long-term market will want a more comprehensive suite, not a series of niche products, so option two or three is the most likely long-term play for most of the companies.