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von pspkjsp kalyanjsp - Friday, 13. September 2019, 09:55
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Analysis of viewpoints: SD-WAN will become the backbone of cloud network convergence

  He Baohong, director of the China Institute of Information and Communication Technology Cloud and Big Data, has publicly stated: "Cloud network convergence will continue to develop, and ultimately it will not only achieve cloud and network convergence, but provide users with a whole solution that is as convenient as hydropower. Program." Therefore, cloud network convergence is the trend.

  As a new technology, SD-WAN has developed rapidly in the field of industrial applications. The acceptance of SD-WAN has been increasing, and various vendors have come up with solutions. Introducing the concept of SDN into the WAN can facilitate the management of the network, and at the same time extract the control of the network into the controller to centrally monitor and analyze the performance and current state of the network. This can also better promote cloud network convergence and reduce the cost of enterprise management networks. With the continuous development of Internet technology, the value of SD-WAN will continue to increase.

  Guanglian Group has developed uniquely in the SD-WAN market and joined hands with Huawei to launch the industry's first "dual-network dual-use" high-speed SD-WAN networking solution. By integrating Huawei's leading technology and optical quality services, it provides services to many industries. The smart network interconnection experience has greatly reduced the cost of the dedicated line and improved the efficiency of network operation and maintenance, solved the challenges brought by the cloud in the enterprise business, comprehensively promoted the cloud of the enterprise network, and quickly realized the online level, innovation and development of the enterprise business.

  In the market, the enterprise cloud strategy has opened up a broader market space for cloud network convergence. For network service providers and operators, it builds intelligent cloud network convergence services close to customers, and expands the cloud network integration ecosystem chain with the network-based, SD- As the backbone of cloud network convergence, WAN can firmly grasp the market opportunities brought about by the digital transformation of enterprises.

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