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by pspkjsp kalyanjsp - Pondelok, 16 september 2019, 4:19
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As we all know, most of the technologies included in SD-WAN are not new, but a combination of multiple technologies such as network transmission, routing, and security. However, SD-WAN is like a beautiful combination of boxing, which can bring better network experience, more visible and convenient management, and better security. Therefore, SD-WAN has begun to have a huge impact on traditional routers, firewalls, WAN acceleration, and dedicated lines.

This also makes traditional enterprise router companies, operators, WAN acceleration vendors, security vendors and other market participants have a complex mentality and need to balance trade-offs with SD-WAN. In addition to the entrepreneurial SD-WAN company's desire to attack in the rising market of SD-WAN, most of the market participants are in the market in the middle of the attack, attack and attack, and hope to ensure the previous business. It can also seize the opportunities in the SD-WAN market.

Take traditional router equipment companies as an example, which usually dominates the traditional router market and has a large base of router users. While SD-WAN is gradually eroding the branch router market, most traditional router companies are taking the initiative to speed up the market. In the case of Cisco, Cisco has acquired SD-WAN-related technologies and products in recent years through the acquisition of SD-WAN startups such as Viptela and Meraki.

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