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We observe an increase in bandwidth for internet services each year for homes provided at relatively cheaper rates when compared to the previous years. Taking advantage of this very fact, more and more services are going online providing customers’ with seamless experience over the internet. Professionally managed Packers and Movers to have adopted technology as a means of execution with the help of logistics technology platforms like A few advantages of online tools for relocation listed here for your easy reference;


  1. Quicker inventory survey: The time taken by Movers and Packers to complete the survey of your household items is fast and efficient on the unique online tool developed by It is on an average 2/3rd shorter than the conventional survey done by a moving company.
  2. Easy to Use: Given the easy navigation on the website for different queries, majority of the people having access to the Internet like to receive raise their relocation inquiry online and prefer to receive responses from the movers immediately online instead of using the telephone or walking into the neighborhood shop
  3. Higher accuracy: On the online tools, particularly for inventory survey on MovingNow, the margin of error is smaller since the users feed the inventory details into the system themselves that automatically generates the total volume to be shipped. This input is well supported by the executives on call should there be any confusion.  Conventional methods used by the moving companies rely on the attentiveness of the field staff to enter all details correctly. Human error can naturally creep in since this is a repetitive task to perform, often leading to wrong interpretation of the final quote
  4. Faster analysis: The results of the online survey of your household goods done on MovingNow are ready to be analyzed any time once you have saved the inventory to revisit your saved data at any given time for updating before you proceed to make the payment to order your move.
  5. Multiple options:  With online tools on MovingNow, you can generate three different quotes providing different packages on volume and distance generated through an online survey. This method allows you to compare packages to select the services of appropriate Packers and Moversand save your precious time and money running around to obtain quotes from different moving companies
  6. Transparent and honest:  Very often, users provide correct and more detailed information online since they feel safe in the anonymous environment of the Internet.  They generally open up and give a more accurate response leading to accurate generation of quotes according to the input they have provided on MovingNow online survey tool that is now widely accepted by Movers and Packers in India
  7. More economical: We would like to draw your attention yet again on the accuracy provided by the online tool for a survey on MovingNow that accurately defines the volume generated according to the Cubic Feet (Cft) metrics of your household articles and subsequently leads to accurate and economical rate quotes generation. An online survey done by yourself can save you substantial time and money on labor and packaging material supplied by the designated moving company, thus providing a Win-Win situation to both the user and the operator.
  8. Flexibility: Online tool on MovingNow gives you a distinct advantage to select the packages suitable to your current needs – Basic, Standard, and Premium. The services of Movers and Packers Bangalore are distributed according to the strengths they possess. You have the flexibility to choose among the packages without any external influence due to the clarity, while the listed Transporters learn about your moving prospect only upon the confirmation of your online order. 


With MovingNow online tools for household survey, Packers and Movers Mumbai can save man-hours and money that is dedicatedly deployed for a physical survey. Online survey also gives them a clearer picture to deploy the right sized truck since it is detailed and accurate on volume. Using technology can definitely enhance their efficiency for timely pick-up and delivery.

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