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Forgetting passwords is very common. People use several accounts today. Remembering lengthy passwords is very different. If you forget your Comcast password then you should reset your password immediately as you will require your Comcast email for various jobs. Even if you remember your password; you should change your password at least once a month to prevent hacking threats. Comcast allows you to reset your password multiple ways. 


Resetting your password with a reset tool


  1. Open your web browser and search for Xfinity

  2. Go to Password

  3. Now enter your Xfinity ID

  4. Hit the Continue button

  5. A security check window will appear

  6. Type the moving letters in the given box

  7. Hit the Continue button

  8. Now click on the option for how you want to recover the password

  9. Hit the Continue button

If you choose the email option then you will get a link on the verified email address. Click on the link and then you can easily reset the password. If you choose the test option then you will receive the link on your registered phone number. If you select Answer my secret question then you have to answer a question which you have provided while signing in to Comcast. If you fail to answer the question multiple times then your Comcast account may get blocked temporarily.


You should always create a lengthy password. Use alphanumeric characters, numbers, and special characters to create a unique and strong password. Re-enter your new password for confirmation purposes. Now click on Continue password and now you can easily log in to Comcast with your new password. In case you get a Comcast rdk 03003 error message then you should contact the Comcast team for help. 

Changing Comcast password with My Account


You should change your Comcast email password regularly as it ensures that your device is secured from all hacking activities. You can change your Comcast password with My Account. 

  1. Go to 

  2. Now Sign in to your account

  3. Go to My Account

  4. Click on the Users tab

  5. Hit the Edit button

  6. Navigate to Xfinity ID and password 

  7. Hit the Edit button

  8. Enter your new password

  9. Re-enter your new password for confirmation

  10. Hit the Save button


Changing Comcast password with Xfinity My Account App


You can also change your Comcast password by using your Xfinity My Account app on the phone device.

  1. Click on your Xfinity My Account application

  2. Sign in to your account

  3. Click on Account Information

  4. You will see your name and Xfinity ID

  5. Hit the Change Password button

  6. You have to enter your current password

  7. Now enter your new password

  8. Re-enter your password

  9. Hit the Save button

A confirmation message will appear on the desktop. If you get into any error while resetting your Comcast password then you should check the internet connection. The weak connection may get into Comcast errors. If your internet is working smoothly but you are still getting errors while resetting the password then you should ask the Comcast team for help.