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In addition, deploying SD-WAN will have many advantages, both in terms of cost and security. Carrier-grade MPLS connections are typically affected by supply time and are generally more expensive, while Internet links are typically much cheaper than carrier-grade MPLS connections, and SD-WAN technology enables organizations to effectively utilize all available network connections to meet all their needs. Without worrying about maintaining an idle backup link.

Traffic encryption is more secure
At the security level, SD-WAN can encrypt traffic during WAN traffic transmission and improve network security by fragmenting the network. Once compromised, the loss can be minimized. SD-WAN also helps IT administrators continuously monitor the amount and type of traffic on the network and quickly detect attacks.

SD-WAN infrastructure revenue increased by 83.3% in 2017 to reach $833 million, and the market is becoming more competitive. Traditional network providers are looking for M&A strategies to complement their existing products or in this rapidly expanding Get a foothold in the market.

Rohit Mehra, vice president of IDC's network infrastructure at International Data Corporation, said that the emergence of SD-WAN technology is one of the fastest industry transformations seen over the years, and organizations of all sizes are modernizing their WANs for a range of Cloud-enabled applications provide a better user experience.

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