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by SANMITA SAHU - Monday, 7 October 2019, 11:33 AM
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After a long day of shifting, many of us do not feel like unpacking right away, and that is fair enough. While you do not want to wait too long to settle in, do not feel guilty about wanting to take some time to set up. Want to award yourself for a relocation well done? 

You can hire movers such as Lucknow packers and movers, they can help you unpack. The benefits of hiring a packer and mover is that they can help you pack, load, transport, unload and even unpack on your demand.

Here are some ideas if you are not sure what to do:




You are tired and do not want to go out. But you cannot imagine having the energy to cook, either. Treat yourself and order from Ubereats or Zomato or Swiggy!

Dinner will be delivered right to your door, and take a nap on the couch, you can either lie down with a book or, if you are so inclined, start unpacking a few of your things.



If you have got access to board games or card games, clear a space on the floor (or at the table, if it is set up) and unwind for a few hours.

It is okay to invite friends over - be sure there are enough room and no boxes in their path!



Unless you have a big family that requires a larger screen to watch a movie, pull out your tablet or laptop and put on your favorite film—no need to unpack the entire DVD collection or set up the TV.




You probably are not in the mood for unpacking your kitchen supplies or cooking, so step out for a few hours and relax at a nearby restaurant (bonus points if it is in your new neighborhood!).

If you have completed the move earlier in the day, take the kids, or your significant other or your roommate, out for ice cream or another sweet treat!



Do not want to pull out the DVD collection or TV? Treat yourself to a movie on Netflix and relax for a few hours.



Is there a theater performance or sporting event taking place that night? Your abode is full of boxes, so a great reward could mean going out to watch your favorite artist or local sports team.



If you want to move and want to hire movers in your budget. You can hire packers and movers by comparing their charges such as packers and movers Lucknow charges. Compare and hire movers in your budget.

What is your favorite way to reward yourself or relax after a shift?

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We observe an increase in bandwidth for internet services each year for homes provided at relatively cheaper rates when compared to the previous years. Taking advantage of this very fact, more and more services are going online providing customers’ with seamless experience over the internet. Professionally managed Packers and Movers to have adopted technology as a means of execution with the help of logistics technology platforms like A few advantages of online tools for relocation listed here for your easy reference;


  1. Quicker inventory survey: The time taken by Movers and Packers to complete the survey of your household items is fast and efficient on the unique online tool developed by It is on an average 2/3rd shorter than the conventional survey done by a moving company.
  2. Easy to Use: Given the easy navigation on the website for different queries, majority of the people having access to the Internet like to receive raise their relocation inquiry online and prefer to receive responses from the movers immediately online instead of using the telephone or walking into the neighborhood shop
  3. Higher accuracy: On the online tools, particularly for inventory survey on MovingNow, the margin of error is smaller since the users feed the inventory details into the system themselves that automatically generates the total volume to be shipped. This input is well supported by the executives on call should there be any confusion.  Conventional methods used by the moving companies rely on the attentiveness of the field staff to enter all details correctly. Human error can naturally creep in since this is a repetitive task to perform, often leading to wrong interpretation of the final quote
  4. Faster analysis: The results of the online survey of your household goods done on MovingNow are ready to be analyzed any time once you have saved the inventory to revisit your saved data at any given time for updating before you proceed to make the payment to order your move.
  5. Multiple options:  With online tools on MovingNow, you can generate three different quotes providing different packages on volume and distance generated through an online survey. This method allows you to compare packages to select the services of appropriate Packers and Moversand save your precious time and money running around to obtain quotes from different moving companies
  6. Transparent and honest:  Very often, users provide correct and more detailed information online since they feel safe in the anonymous environment of the Internet.  They generally open up and give a more accurate response leading to accurate generation of quotes according to the input they have provided on MovingNow online survey tool that is now widely accepted by Movers and Packers in India
  7. More economical: We would like to draw your attention yet again on the accuracy provided by the online tool for a survey on MovingNow that accurately defines the volume generated according to the Cubic Feet (Cft) metrics of your household articles and subsequently leads to accurate and economical rate quotes generation. An online survey done by yourself can save you substantial time and money on labor and packaging material supplied by the designated moving company, thus providing a Win-Win situation to both the user and the operator.
  8. Flexibility: Online tool on MovingNow gives you a distinct advantage to select the packages suitable to your current needs – Basic, Standard, and Premium. The services of Movers and Packers Bangalore are distributed according to the strengths they possess. You have the flexibility to choose among the packages without any external influence due to the clarity, while the listed Transporters learn about your moving prospect only upon the confirmation of your online order. 


With MovingNow online tools for household survey, Packers and Movers Mumbai can save man-hours and money that is dedicatedly deployed for a physical survey. Online survey also gives them a clearer picture to deploy the right sized truck since it is detailed and accurate on volume. Using technology can definitely enhance their efficiency for timely pick-up and delivery.

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by SANMITA SAHU - Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 6:52 AM
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Relocating into a new destination means you are ready to start a new phase of your life, but it will bring some new changes in your life at a new place. When you move into a new house, there are many essential things which need your complete care after shifting, so that you settle down quickly and comfortably to enjoy a peaceful life.

Generally, people think that they have completed the entire relocation, by just packing and moving the massive pile of boxes full of their belongings and feel that they don’t have any work to do after shifting in their new residence. But after moving into a new abode, you will have to take extra care of some basic requirements which are needed for everyday survival like applying for the necessary utilities, updating your new address at all the major firms, etc.

But, due to the hassle of handling the hectic moving task, we have seen that people always forget to check what essential jobs are waiting for them to complete. But, if you do not manage your time to organize and complete all your pending tasks at the right time, you will face lots of stressful and confusing situations after shifting in a new community.

But, don’t worry, we will guide you step-by-step about the essential things you need to do after moving, to have a happy and secure life. To make sure that you do not miss any critical tasks, make a checklist to start the tasks as per priority so that you can keep track of all the pending tasks.

Essential Things you must do after shifting to a new house:

1)  Check all your delivered boxes

Safety of belongings during relocation to Faridabad should be the first concern, so remember to check each of your moving boxes for any missing items or if they were left in the truck by mistake.

Once the movers leave your place, review each box and item for damages or any other mistreatment. If you find that any of the items are broken or missing, contact the relocation service company to resolve the problem as fast as possible. If you have hired a cheap and best Movers and Packers like packers and movers in Faridabad to complete your move efficiently. You can also quickly apply for a refund to be safe from any loss during your entire move.

2)  Clean Your Space Before You start Unpacking:

No matter you have shifted in a new home is an old home, an apartment, or a brand-new house in Faridabad, one of the great ways to make it feel like it's yours is to give it a deep cleaning.

If possible, deep clean everything--especially the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.before you start unpacking to get rid of any unwanted mess in your new home.

3)  Unpack all your essential goods at first

After you are done with checking all the delivered items, continue unpacking your essential bag first and prepare the rooms in order of importance – the bedroom, kids room, bathroom, and kitchen.

You’ll urgently need to have a refreshing bath, so make your “Bathroom” ready with your favorite shower curtains, bathrobe, and all the toiletries you’ll need to move away from your stress of moving day.

Unpacking and ordering the kitchen is also an important task, where you can prepare favorite dishes for your dear ones. It’s true that shifting will decrease your energy levels, so you’ll need to rest at the end of the day. So, assemble your bed, unpack all your bedding.

4)  Reassemble and arrange your Furniture:

One of the best things about shifting is the chance to start a new chapter at a new place with new people, and by using floor plans, you can create a unique space that works well for you. If you can have a clear idea of what the layout of your new home will be in advance, you can plan the furniture prearrangement before you move to make sure everything will fit.

5)  Register your small ones at a new school

If you shifted to a new home with a child, then you must know how vital it is to find a nearby good school for them so that they will not have a long gap in their education. Always select a well-reputable school for your small ones and give them the best possible knowledge of life. If you haven’t selected a good school yet for you before the child, you must to do it quickly.

6)  Install a home security system

Moving to a new and unknown place means you have to live among many strange people like neighbors, maid, etc. You should never trust any unknown people, as you will be new to the place, and it’s good to install the best home security system at your new home to increase your comfort and safety. This will help you to have complete security of your family at your new destination.

by SANMITA SAHU - Monday, 9 September 2019, 8:46 AM
Anyone in the world

In the current trend, technology is involved in every part of our life and it plays a crucial role in the growth of many industries. New innovations in technology are transforming the way of the relocation industry as well.

The moving process not only involves movers and trucks, it even requires technologies and networks to properly organize the moving process and to improve basic methods of communication.

The latest technologies are not only adopted by moving companies, but they are also taken over by normal users who have become smart and efficient in planning their shift. Even though the aim of technology is to make things simpler and comfortable, there could be more holes and bumps. So, find out the latest technological changes happening in the relocation industry.

Technology shift for both customers and movers

Customers must consider how developments in the technology of moving companies make your life simpler. Your point of view is always very important and there is a better option for finding the existing services. Moving could be stressful and movers you select should perform all things to help you and it’s a matter of finding the right mover from trusted sources like AssureShift.

Relocation service providers want to consider the number of services they provide to their customers and you should regard the experience of some customers as well. So, you should consider not only regarding the change from the point of relocation companies but try to research the software trends of the movers to get your company on the list. Think about the improvement by employing the top digital platforms available in the market.

The establishment of non-stop communication

Moving involves a lot of meetings and lengthy processes. To organize the information regarding the relocation, you had to discuss more schooling and housing choices. Many movers are still functioning in a similar way. But now, all procedures based on your move can be incorporated into a single platform.

The process of numerous negotiations and meetings are eliminated due to modern technological developments in the relocation industry. With the creation of an instant moving estimate calculator, you can not only calculate the quote for your moving, but you can have all things in advance to contact and schedule your moving with a relocation company.

Therefore, you can access the whole details such as school and property choices, edit and upload documents and verify your VISA status from anywhere around the world, through your smartphone.

The need for more efficiency and personal approach

Normally, customers expect a high level of service quality from their moving companies and the brilliant method to achieve them is through the automation of time taken every day and the repeated tasks. This is the actual result of a universal operating system to serve with the establishment of new technology.

The second thing is that a relocation company should concentrate on the personal approach to every moving process. To satisfy all customer expectations, you need to understand what those are initially. The better way to perform this is through personal communication and this is something that is appreciated all over the world.

Better constructed referral system

The moving experience is growing due to the development of the latest technology trends like open communication channels and digital technology availability. Moving service providers can consult on potential challenges, requirements and communicate internally. This shows the way for referrals and new collaborations, as business partners and fulfilled customers could refer you to others.

Get the local information

More actionable and accurate local information is available freely for a reputed moving. You would be able to see your own information and no moving companies can integrate into their program.

When you combine information with professional knowledge, you can create something special and with this thing, we refer to a successful moving task.

Introduction of a virtual assistant

By the introduction of “Virtual Assistants”, companies and customers can operate in a more organized and planned manner. The combination of virtual assistants, mobile technologies and machine learning can offer customers:

  • The answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Useful statistics and facts.
  • Advice from a lot of databases.

Virtual Assistants like Google’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri must be installed in our household belongings. As a physical product that can do all things from instant shopping through voice commands, home monitoring to temperature control and the choices grow continuously. Due to the use among customers and their popularity, VR assistants have become a standard provider of relocation companies.

Data analytics will be guiding companies on how to spend their moving money smartly. The driverless trucks, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence have the potential to transform the face of the moving industry.

The face of a shared economy

With the shift to self-serving models, it also provides growth in shared economy services. Companies such as Airbnb and Uber provide digital tools for customers to connect with other customers and share things like accommodations, pet-sitting venues, transportation, etc. By doing so, these services can get around movers, hotel chains, cab companies, and other service providers.

Availability of app for all things

Users and businesses use a greater number of apps to develop their moving process and the growth of apps has made it simple to get many things done. Relocation service providers such as packers and movers in Thane use apps to develop their communication with their customers and customers use apps to search for moving companies. Apps such as:

  • TaskRabbit assists you to hire someone to do different tasks.
  • Letgo assists you to sell the things you don’t need to pack.
  • Sortly assists you to keep track of the things you pack.

Other apps can even aid customers with more troubles on their relocation day.


All industries are experiencing the pace of modification in today’s technology and development is the only thing that will continue in the future. The moving industry is one that is used to change and adapt with times.

However, trends in the relocation industry continue to move and we hope that these methods in which technology will modify the moving industry will be a great advantage for you to develop your moving company as well.

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