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Apple is going to introduce the Translate App in iOS 14. Here is what it offers to you.

Apple has recently revealed all the new features to be included in iOS 14. The new OS will come in the market with time-sensitive widgets, an advanced Message app and multiple other advancements very much useful for the users. Apart from these, Apple is also going to introduce a Translate app that will work both online and offline. Besides, it will support 11 different languages so people can communicate smoothly.

Here is the detailed overview of how it works and how to use the Translate app.

  • Converting phrases in Apple Translate

The company has focused user experience of the app through Siri voice command. When you say the words or sentences through the Siri voice assistant, then it will later translate it into the language the other users understands. The display in the standard portrait mode is split into two halves. The upper section of the two halves shows the language you are speaking currently along with its translation and the phrase. The bottom section incorporates the microphone jack and the text box if you want to enter text in the form of phrases. To get your phrase translated, you will need to click on your preferred button while entering text.

When you click on the symbol of Play, then it will start repeating the translation in audio version so the person receiving it can hear when Siri spoke it. Moreover, you can turn on the landscape mode to put it  Attention mode in your iPhone to make things much easier. It will help you by displaying the translation version in an enlarged way.

  • Using Conversation mode in Apple Translate

Landscape mode can also be used for Conversation mode. It will help you to see all your phrases wholly in a thread along with their translations across the given conversation. The users can scroll back and see whatever they have said earlier.

  • Using Apple Translate Offline

There may be situations when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or any other connection. In such circumstances, you can use the On-device mode allowing you to download a whole pack filled with multiple languages so you can do all your work on a network and not on the iPhone. While downloading language pack, there is no need for cellular connection, and so no conversation is going to the servers. It means it a great way to improve privacy and security. You can download 11 languages which include Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and  Japanese. Of course, you can download the language pack in the area with a good network connection, but after that you can use it freely.

  • Using the Favorites Feature in Apple Translate

Apple has introduced the Favorites Feature in the iOS 14, making it useful for the people who wanted to store their favorites in it. You can create a Favorite section by clicking on the icon of the empty star while going below the given translation. Then, click on Favorites option appearing at the bottom screen. Moreover, you can use the Favorite section to learn some specific phrase by recalling it again and again.

  • Get Apple Translate on Your iPhone

Apple will launch the Translate app with iOS 14 in September this year, but if you are not willing to wait then, you can sign-in to the Beta Software Program of Apple. It will give you access to beta versions of iOS 14  before their release. However, you may have to deal with a few bugs as it is a beta version.

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Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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First covered by Macrumors, Apple users are reporting serious problems with their iPhone displays saying that a weird green tint colors the whole display with a swampy hue. While some face this issue only in low light, for others, it stays shortly when the iPhone is unlocked. Many other users have also said that the unusual green color is permanent. It is claimed that the issue may have arisen due to a recent iOS update, while Apple has accepted that this might be a hardware fault. People are taking platforms like Reddit, tech forums and other social media to showcase their display problem in the iPhones and iPads.


iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are severely affected and even going back to iPhone X won’t solve the problem as the issue may be due to bad OLED displays which are common in these iPhones. The problem started with iOS 13.4 and then became worse for iOS 13.5 and 13.5.1. Some reports also say that for many new buyers, the problem was the same since the day they unboxed their iPhone. People are also able to get rid of the tint by restarting or rebooting their iPhones but it worked only for few.

While it’s skeptical about how this problem would be solved but it appears that Apple can fix it. As brought into light by Apple, taking a screenshot and viewing it on a different display does not change the greenish tint. Hence, it’s indicated that it is not a problem at the software level and that it might be a combination of both hardware and software issues. Acknowledging the trouble, in some cases, Apple has also allowed the official resellers to replace the displays, under warranty. Suspicions are, that a bad batch of OLED displays was used in the iPhones which, impacted by an underlying change in the recent iOS update resulted in the bizarre green tint. Affected people claim that the problem is the same with Apple’s new iOS 13.5.5 beta, and hence, the time it will take and the mode it will choose, to fix the fault is unknown.

Though the newly launched iOS 14’s inclusivity will help Apple buy some time, yet it’s under constant pressure due to the arising complaints as such kind of issue is very rare and even difficult for Apple to understand and solve it.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at



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YouTube Kids is a service by Google that is focused on children and is loved widely by parents. Now, this video streaming service is available on Apple TV too. According to the recent announcement by the company, many users across the globe can now download Youtube Kids from the App Store. If you are a user who wants to launch YouTube Kids for your tiny tots, you can easily use it even without a Google login. Many Apple TV users in the UK, US and a myriad of other countries can enjoy YouTube Kids now.

YouTube Kids provides a child-friendly environment for kids. The video streaming service is selective in the sense that it prohibits any information or entertainment that is not good and appropriate for your child. It is a well-contained platform that’s different from the usual YouTube. It is mainly suitable for children under the age group of 3-8 years. A parental setup is a must to get started. The parental control helps parents to set some restrictions on their kids for the usage of YouTube kids. They can easily set content restrictions, viewing limits and more. Parents have found this feature useful as they can now keep an eye on what kind of content is served to their children, without hampering their enjoyment.

Four categories are provided to the users on the homepage. These categories are namely, Shows, Music, Learning and Explore.   Just like the usual YouTube, recommendations will be provided based on the previously viewed content. Another beautiful aspect that adds to the highlights of YouTube Kids is its smart search bar. Parents love the fact that whenever someone types any inappropriate term in the search bar, it automatically suggests the user to try looking for something else. Moreover, parents can also select some programmes they want their children to watch. With all these features and functions, and other advancements in the recent past, YouTube Kids has become a safe and trustworthy video streaming platform for kids.

With Apple TV making YouTube Kids available for its users, it has also made it easier for users to access it. Simply sign in to your existing account and transfer the parental controls to your Apple TV. As a part of this, you can also modify the settings easily from the phone app or tablet. There are two ways of making YouTube Kids accessible to the younger ones. One is when you can keep the content wide open for the kids. The content on YouTube Kids is already filtered so as to make it fit for your child. Or, you can use the second way, in which you decide the shows and programs for your kids. In both of these ways, you can sit back and relax. Since its inception in 2015, YouTube kids has always promised to make video streaming a safe yet entertaining experience for the young ones. It is widely used by working parents, who can’t keep an eye on their children’s internet activities and behaviours for 24 hours.

However, just like every good thing faces criticism, YouTube Kids has also seen a face of criticism. Some say that a few of its contents contain acts of violence, that may influence the children to do the same. These controversies make it essential for parents to stay alert at all times.  It is vital to keep a check on your child’s video watching activity, even if they use YouTube kids. No matter how many such video streaming service providers provide the guarantee of appropriate data, it is the parents’ responsibility more to monitor the usage. A cautious parent is a good parent.

Source : Now Enjoy YouTube Kids.

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Apple released its blueprint of how they will open the retail stores with safety measures and by following the official health guidelines provided by the WHO. Deirdre O’Brien, head of Apple, has posted a letter on the official website detailing their plan to start their operations in their respective stores in different locations. Apple shut all its stores in March due to the spread of the vicious virus globally. All the stores in Greater China reopened in that same month with some preventive measures.

O’Brien posted on the official website, “Our commitment is to serve a safe and virus free service from their respective stores, and we are looking forward to reopening their stores after ensuring all the safety measures.” He added, “We are looking at all the data like local cases, trends, and also looking for guidance from the local as well as national health officials. These are not the decisions that we are rushing for, and stores will be going to reopen with preventive measures, and if any problem found, the stores could be shut-down again.”

According to the officials and the 9to5Mac reports, more than 80% of Apple’s 510 worldwide remain closed down, but the blueprint is ready to reopen 25more stores in the United States, 10 in Italy, 12 in Canada in coming weeks. Yes, indeed, all the services might not be available in all the stores, and the services offered by these stores may vary. All the stores will allow their customers to make Genius Bar reservations, and you can pick up the items that you ordered online. The Genius Bar stations usually offer this service and the employees of this service are known as the Geniuses. Because they are trained to help customers with both software and hardware and for visiting the Genius Bar, you may need to make the reservation and should schedule a time before reaching the store.

But some stores will only offer storefront services to their customers to reach the store and take the services.

O’Brien also added that for the stores which get reopened for the customers, the temperature checks would be there. All the staff working over there or the customers visiting have to cover their face from the mask. Even when the customers who don’t have their mask, the stores will provide the mask. The stores will enforce social distancing rules and ensure the limited number of people in the store at one time.

O’Brien also posted that in every store, we are planning to limit occupancy and try to provide lots of room, and we will focus on personalized or one-on-one services throughout all the stores.

A while ago, Apple reopened a few stores in the United States in Idaho, Alabama, South Carolina, and Alaska. Media reports confirmed that this week, Apple is going to reopen its stores in Colorado, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Florida, along with some locations like Washington and California, with some services. Although, the details of the re-openings will be going to update via Apple’s tool – Find a Store tool.

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Long years ago, lived the ancient nomadic trackpads that roamed from tabs to tabs in search of the urgent one. People got used to the troublesome experience. Everything was dull and stagnant. One beautiful day, Apple, the techy wizard, swayed its magic wand and invented the astonishing Magic trackpads, and since then, the world of keyboard felt a different sense of life. Well, who wouldn’t want tinge magic in life?


Good News, Alert! Apple has now announced the brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic keyboard. The ever innovating and evolving tech giant feels proud to gift you the best typing experience you could always have, forget the butterfly keypad experience.

Not to forget, the magic keyboard is not the only magic on the iPad. Precisely, every component in the iPad has a distinctive change in comparison with other Apple iPad.

Not everything has changed, but everything has a chance. Understand the difference.

The recent past

Yes. Inventions do take time. But when a superpower like Apple is concerned, the case becomes the opposite. Recently in March this year, the brand introduced its very fresh MacBook Air with Magic keyboard. Before that, I arrived the 16-inch MacBook Pro in November 2019. A short span of six months of hard work and innovation was sufficient for the makers to compensate for the butterfly keyboard blunder (An idea that consumed five long years but now discontinued.)

Key Features

Freshly arrived 13-inch MacBook Pro has a lot to offer to apple fans. While some things such as the touch bars remain the same as according to the previous MacBook Pros, tiny changes are very much appreciated. Mr. Tom Boger wrote, “Whether you are a college student, a developer, or a creative pro, the 13-inch MacBook Pro delivers a powerful performance.” This adds to the confidence of the prospective purchasers.


The newly arrived MacBook Pro, too many people’s disappointments, look significantly similar to its father devices. It was rumored that the new arrival will have not 13 but the 14-inch screen and tinier bezels, but it was only rumored. However, the device has an aluminum unibody design, which takes the bar of elegance high.

The body looks significantly lean and pretty.


The device comes with storage that can be extended as high as 32GB RAM, while the storage goes up as 4TB. The base model comes with 256GB storage.


The device runs like a horse due to its new upgrades. It presents a 2.8% faster performance. A big deal! Moreover, this MacBook Pro is powered by Intel Iris GPU. It supports Pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution.

Feel and comfort

The device stood up to expectations when it comes to comfort. Placed anywhere, users won’t face the problem of tripping of their screens, thanks to the magnets that hold the screen in place. Thus, the double duty of the hands is eliminated. The dual-hinge system lets the screen remain stable in the air. It can rotate its angle from 90* to 130*. However, many would have wanted them to be a bit more flexible so as they adjust and tilt the screen more comfortably. The superbly designed 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard is all set to give a lappy feel in an iPad. Some users like it, while others still feel something is missing. The smartly designed scissor-switch keys to make typing experience a bit more enjoyable. A quieter keyboard always works for the best, adding up to the comfort of the users. The trackpads are undoubtedly better than many, but they add a bit of weight to the body too. One may still need to touch the screen quite occasionally, anyway. Also, some apps, for instance, Google docs, still don’t comply with the keyboard.

What’s the magic?

The creators have uttered the magic spells on their beautifully designed keyboard. The keyboard has a well-defined structure, making it mouth-watering. The scissor switches give a professional touch to the beauty. The keys are backlit in the dark, but it’s a bit difficult to change the backlighting. The stable grip that the keyboard prevents the screen from falling back. This makes the experience secure and hassle-free. The placement of the USB-C port is cool and stylish. Switching between apps through the trackpad becomes one of a kind experiences when you have a magic keyboard. The trackpad works efficiently well and provides an easy click. The magic lies in its trackpads.

Comparisons are necessary

Butterfly keys vs. the magic keyboard

The butterfly keyboard was designed to make the typing experience better, but it did more harm than good. Under the keys lie the butterfly mechanism, which in turn makes the keyboard thinner and slimmer. The keyboard is named after the name of a beautiful insect simply because its buttons have the wing mechanism. However, it was seen that it created a drastic adverse impact on the typing sessions. Users faced issues in registering the letters. Jamming of the keys became a common issue. A small particle of dust could jam the keys very quickly. Keeping in mind the mounting problems with the butterfly keyboards, Apple took a wise decision to discontinue it.

The magic keyboard brings the smart scissor switches to eliminate the problem of jamming of buttons. It is trendy and doesn’t create any fuss.

MacBook Air vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro

Unfortunately, the newest device does not offer the expected 14-inch screen, but it indeed offers up to 32 GB Ram and 10th gen Intel Quad-core processors.

The availability of the magic keyboard is present in both the arrivals. However, the latest one has an additional Touch Bar, which gives it an extra point. The 3.5mm headphone port remains the same in both versions.

The MacBook Pro has a few more upgrades like in the stereo speakers that have a high dynamic range and the Dolby Atmos support.

Where the Retina display is concerned, MacBook Air offers 500nits of brightness and P3 broad color support, while the latter provides 400nits of brightness. The MacBook Pro Air is delighted to offer an easy 2 hours more battery life than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which has 10 hours battery life for movie playback and wireless web.


The device is available at a starting price of $1,299 in the US. The good news for the education customers is that they will be getting a $100 discount specifically for them.


The latest arrival may appear similar to its previous appearances, but its new updates should not be ignored. I watched from a glance, the device does not have any out of the box elements to offer, but its tiny innovative changes and of course, the astonishing magic keyboard has a spark to be admired. All in all, the high price is worth it.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at



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iPhone driver is mandatory to connect an iOS device with Windows. However, in some instances, a corrupt driver can hinder your experience. If you are facing the issue as well, then we can help you out. Here are the steps to get rid of the Windows 10 Apple iPhone driver error.

Update iPhone Driver

If you wish to update the iPhone driver, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Go to the iPhone and disconnect it from the PC.
  • Check that the device is unlocked the screen and connect again to the system, ensure that to use the standard Apple USB cord. In case you view iTunes launch up, shut it.
  • Reach the Cortana box, enter ‘Device Manager’ and launch the program.
  • Navigate to the Device Manager, find and open the Portable Drivers field.
  • Go to the iPhone model, and right-click on it, then select the Update driver.
  • Select the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option.
  • Windows will then browse for upgraded drivers automatically and install them.
  • Now, reboot the system and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Upgrade Windows 10

If you would like to upgrade Windows 10, then abide by the given steps.

  • Navigate to the Start and then select the Settings.
  • You should click on the Update and Security.
  • In case you view a fresh update applicable, select the Download upgrade.
  • Whether you view pending upgrades, select the Install.
  • Now, reboot the system.

Run a Forced Installation of a Device Driver

If you wish to run a forced installation of a device driver, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Go to the iPhone and disconnect it from the system.
  • You should unlock the iPhone and link it to the system.
  • Hold the Win + R keys together paste the pursuing path:
    • %ProgramFiles%Common
    • FilesAppleMobile Device
    • SupportDrivers.
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • Launch the View button.
  • Reach the Hide/Show field, check the File Name Extensions option.
  • Locate the file of ‘usbbaapl.inf’ or ‘inf.’ Select it, then right-click on it and select Install.
  • Then you will require to do the similar for every file with the ‘.inf’ extension inside the folder.
  • Now, disconnect the mobile and reboot the PC. Upon reboot, link the iPhone and launch iTunes.

Check Apple Phone Device USB Driver is Installed

If you would like to check the Apple phone device USB driver is installed, then abide by the given steps.

  • Go to the Start, and right-click on it, then select the Device Manager.
  • Reach the Device Manager, move down to ‘Universal Serial Bus Controller’ and open the field.
  • You should browse for Apple Mobile Device USB.
  • After locating the driver, select it, and right-click on it, then choose the Disable option.
  • Now, right-click on it again, then choose the Enable option.

Reboot Apple Phone Device USB Driver 

If you wish to reboot the Apple phone device USB driver, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Reach the iPhone and disconnect it from the system and shut the iTunes.
  • After that, hold the Win + R keys together.
  • Enter ‘services.msc’ then hit the Enter key.
  • Go to the Services screen, browse for Apple Mobile Device.
  • Select it, and right-click on it, then choose Properties.
  • Adjust the type of Startup to Automatic.
  • Select the Stop tab to prevent the service.
  • Choose the Start tab to begin it again.
  • Pick OK to apply the changes.
  • Now reboot the PC and launch the iTunes.

Uninstall iTunes and Download it from Apple Site 

If you would like to uninstall iTunes and download it from the Apple site, then abide by the given steps.

  • Reach the Settings and choose the Apps then uninstall the iTunes.
  • Click on the iTunes official download screen.
  • Beneath checking for other versions, select the Windows.
  • Now, go to the version of iTunes and download a compatible one.

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According to a few reports, Apple is planning to launch an entry-level 5.5-inch iPhone, as per the proof found in the iOS 14 operating system by 9to5Mac. We also heard about the 4.7-inch LCD phone that will be based on the design of the iPhone 8 with the upgraded specification. However, it could be a sign that Apple would launch a “Plus” model. It will have a 5.5-inch screen size, and will reportedly reuse the design of the iPhone 8 Plus.

The latest phones will feature a solid-state home key similar to the iPhone 8 as 8 Plus and will focus on Touch ID rather than Face ID. The device will also introduce the Express Transit feature of Apple Pay that enables you to pay transit by simply holding your device next to a transit terminal. You will be able to scan the NFC tags even without opening the app to scan the tag. This tag scanning feature is only available in the iPhone XSiPhone 11, and iPhone XR.

The new iPhone with the 4.7-inch display will cost around 399 dollars, and there will be two variants; one in 64 GB and the other one is 128 GB. As per the report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it will feature three different colors redsilver, and gray. It is not clear what would be the cost of the entry-level 5.5 inch iPhone. However, the previous Plus model phones were cost up to 100 dollars higher than the 4.7 inch one. According to Kuo, Apple would release the latest entry-level 4.7-inch phone at the conclusion of the March month. It is indeed possible that Apple may release the 5.5-inch version also at the same moment.  

The new 5.5-inch iphone would be the powerhouse of performance at a reasonable cost as it is an entry-level model. In case you are interested in purchasing this phone, then you will surely get the amazing features in it that can cost almost twice its cost. Features like Express TransitNFC Tag Scanning, and more will make your daily work more hassle-free than ever. Moreover, in case you got a little less budget, you can opt for the 4.7-inch entry-level iPhone instead, which is also set to release on the same occasion.

Now that you know at the end of March, both entry-level 4.7 inches and 5.5 inch iPhone will be introduced in the market. There can be a delay in the official release date of these devices, as many health issues are going around. It might also affect Apple’s 5.5 inches entry-level iPhone release date.  

In case you want to know the official name of this 5.5-inch entry-level model, then it is likely to be known as iPhone 9 Plus, but keep in mind, it is just a speculation, there is no official confirmation regarding its name.

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Apple has an Apple’s Education store where students, lecturers, and teachers can buy Macbook and iPad at an affordable price. What is more that you can also get a 50% standard subscription on the music? In this blog, you can learn how you get the Apple student discount.

If you are a student or students’ parent, lecturer, or teacher then you can keep money on purchase Apple subscription on Macbook and iPad. Here you can learn how you get a discount on Macbook and iPad from the Apple education shop.

Apple knows that the devices are mostly used by youngsters and students, making them vital for the company. So Apple built a separate Apple’s Education store that offers discounts on Macbook and iPad.

It is not uncommon for Apple users to be unaware of Apple’s Education Store or the students’ discount. If you qualify with apple terms and conditions as a student, then you are eligible for getting a discount from Apple’s education discount policy.

Source:- How to Get an Apple Student Discount

Qualifies for Apple Education Discount

Students who are attending PS ( Post-secondary) education or completed PS education are considered qualified. Post-secondary means those students that have completed the university of a current student of any institute. Those students who are admitted to the college from sixth.

Student’s parents are not qualified when they are purchasing for themselves. However, parents can get a discount on purchasing of Macbook and iPad for their children from Apple’s education store. Remember that this applies to those students who qualify.

A person who serves in any educational institute is qualified for a discount on Macbook and iPad. It is not only allowed to teachers and lecturers and also allows all the workers who work in an educational institute and part of administrative.

Let’s check the T&C of the Apple Education store and eligibility for buying Macbook and iPad from the Apple Education Store.

Employees of any learning organization: Any employee of the govt. or separate education organizations in the united kingdom are eligible.

PS (Post-secondary) Education Students: Those students who are currently attending and are educated in the last six months into PS (Post-secondary) Education institutes in the united kingdom are eligible for buying.

Parents of PS (post-secondary) students: Student’s parents who are buying on behalf of their son and daughter who are currently attending and are educated in the last six months into PS (Post-secondary) Education institute in the united kingdom are available to buying.

If you are not eligible for the Apple Students Discount, then you can check out at the Apple Refurbished store. Apple Refurbished store offer discount to everyone.

How to Make an Apple Student Discount

If you believe that you are eligible for an Apple education discount, then you need to visit Apples Education Store in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US).

First, you need to carry your document at the store and verify that you are a student or you are holding any qualifying documents or occupation. If you go to the UK link, visit UNiDAYS to get access. Fill your detail like your Email ID and password, your institution details, subjects details and year of passing, etc.

UK buyers can also verify their documents at Student Beans which is similar to UNiDAYS.

In the US, the students do not need to login their detail to order at Education Store, but Apple wants to see the proof at the time of purchasing and if you fail to verify the company will charge additional charges.

Purchasing for an Educational Institute

Apple also favored students who work on, and you need to visit the UK apple Store for School and university and in the US, similar to the UK. First, the student needs to enroll with Apple to buy its device. Students can also register on call by dialing 08009120207 in UK and 1800800 in the United State.

Discount on MacBook

Students can save £100 in the UK and $100 in the US while purchasing MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and iMac with Retina when they are buying at Apple.

Discount on MacBook

  • UK education discount between £20 to £50 depending on the design of Apple.
  • US education discount up to $50.

There are no discounts on Apple TV, iPhone, and Watch.

Discount on Music Subscription

Apple Students has a full time 50% discount on music subscription in the US. While in the UK, students get membership in £9.99/$9.99 to £4.99/$4.99.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at