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by Chris Brown - Pondelok, 4 január 2021, 2:35
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ATS Software is a one stop solution for all HRs in order to reduce the Recruitment process time and also recruit the best talent for the job. EmployAstar's Cloud recruitment Software provides the ideal solution for all the issues faced by HR during the hiring process. for more info, please visit

Some of the features offered:

Resume Parsing Software

Profit and Loss Module

Reports and Dashboards

Vendor Management System

Invoice Module

Email and SMS Integration

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by Chris Brown - Thursday, 17 December 2020, 1:49 PM
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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software) is a Cloud Recruitment Software that helps automate the hiring process. Today's ATS Software can do much more than data storage.

ATS Software collect thousands of CVs and resumes. It filters data, sorts resumes, test applicants, schedule interviews, check references and process hiring paperwork.

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HR dashboards are increasingly popular and significant in human resources as it helps in effective hiring, easy processing of data and accurate analysis, based on metrics and data. Recruitment dashboard helps visualize key data to help manage the workforce and bring out the best from the team at all times. A recruitment dashboard also fosters the recruitment analytics and saves resources while improving time management.  

Over the years, recruitments protocols have undergone a massive transformation and helped businesses zero in on talent that is best suited for the job. A recruitment dashboard helps to ensure that data is managed effectively and a customizable dashboard is nothing short of a boon for marketers. Through the customizable dashboard, one may visualize key information to manage the team and know more about the potential pain points and address them at the right time. This ensures work efficiency and precision-driven recruitment.

The innovative use of recruitment analytics is yet another factor that can add value to tracking employee performance and monitor the KPIs related to the recruitment funnel. A customized recruitment dashboard is tailored to suit specific business criteria and save time while minimizing costs. It eliminates manual efforts and promotes the quality of the talent hired into the organization.

Customized recruitment dashboard adds to the versatility of the business process and supports seamless recruitment. It is swift, simple and accessible in the world of business and the option to personalize and customize the creations only adds momentum to the dashboard. The recruitment dashboard that is aligned with the business goals give better control to the user and applicant. It also helps dynamic sorting while promoting usability and accessibility of the recruitment dashboard.

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by Chris Brown - Thursday, 10 December 2020, 12:58 PM
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Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software) is a cloud recruitment software that helps automate the hiring process. This was primarily developed to handle job applications, modern ATS Solutions can help build an effective recruitment strategy.


ATS Features

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by Chris Henry - Monday, 7 September 2020, 8:27 AM
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In general, CRM has become the most important of all software markets, and with revenue expected to succeed in quite $80 billion by 2025, consistent with the newest data from Grand View Research, it’s no surprise. There are many CRM platforms on the market today, but only a few of them can really provide what large enterprises got to make the foremost of their relationships with their large customer bases or the size to satisfy the requirements of very large numbers of employees. Enterprise CRM also typically involves larger databases. Multiple departments and sales teams all need instant access thereto customer and company data, and everybody, from management to logistics, is involved in business process workflows, so it is sensible for all of them to figure with equivalent information. And though companies could cobble up components from multiple vendors, most large companies would still like better to deploy one solution that they will customize to satisfy their unique business needs instead of having to adapt their workflows and technology stacks to form up for software limitations.
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It’s a job seeker's market right now, and hiring and recruiting is more complicated than ever. Those difficulties go beyond just finding the right person for the specific opening you have.

What about candidates who are well-suited to your company, not just to your current positions? Keeping track of those candidates, as well as all the others you’re considering, gets confusing.

And in today’s world, using haphazard spreadsheets of applicants or relying on past email exchanges won’t cut it. Luckily, an applicant tracking software (ATS) solution can help.

So what key insights can an ATS solution identify at your workplace?

Find and solve hiring bottlenecks 

Bottlenecks in the hiring process lead to lost time and productivity and slow down your search for the best possible candidates. Figuring out where those bottlenecks are and how to fix them can streamline your hiring process.

One common bottleneck is a flood of unqualified candidates applying for a posting. You know to make the posting as clear as possible, but sometimes people who don’t meet the key requirements make it through. With an ATS solution, candidates are sorted and removed from the job pool based on their qualifications, saving your hiring team time. After all, there’s no point in interviewing people who aren’t a good fit.

In addition, you can include knockout questions that’ll immediately eliminate candidates who answer incorrectly, further refining the hiring process.

Discover which hiring managers need help

The hiring process is often unwieldy and involves many different people and departments. Getting all of those people on the same page about the position and job posting is hard enough. Once you find candidates, managing the team can feel almost impossible.

An ATS solution allows your entire team to use the same platform and be on the same page about what you’re looking for and which candidates have those qualities. You can also see which managers are behind on their hiring duties and which ones need additional resources to ensure the position gets filled.

Track your hiring team’s efficiency and effectiveness

Because recruitment analytics take the entire hiring process into account, from the first time an applicant interacts with your company to the first day in the office, you can get a bird’s eye view of the process. You’ll be able to track how long your search lasts and your team’s efficiency, which can help you make improvements when you’re hiring for the next position.

Analytics don’t stop there, however. An ATS solution can help you track how new hires feel about their jobs and the organization overall, which provides a window to see whether the hiring team was effective and chose someone right for the position. This also ensures you’ll know about any obstacles right away, so you’re not caught off guard by negative feedback or employees looking to transition to different roles.

Also, an ATS solution can help you see where your process lags. If it’s due to issues with a specific manager, you’ll have solid data to back up your claims when discussing the problem. This data will make it more likely that the person will take you up on offers for help.

Determine your best sources for hires

The candidates you find are only as good as the places you’re looking for, but recruitment analytics can make sure your sources are up to snuff.

Your team may think all the best candidates are coming from major job boards because that’s how it’s always been. But with the increase in social media use, candidates are coming from all over the place. You want to know where your candidates are finding open positions, and an ATS solution provides that insight.

If excellent candidates are coming from social media like Twitter or Facebook, you can reinvent your hiring strategies to devote more attention to those platforms. Seeing where you can cut back is also helpful – if fewer candidates are coming in from sourcing agencies or specific recruiters, you’ll want to spend less time on those.


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by Kelly Leon - Monday, 10 February 2020, 11:50 AM
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We know as  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The computer systems used to track candidates, automate and centralize the selection processes. And, while the concept sounds simple, it goes much further because these software has become a vital part of talent recruitment and staffing in large companies.

These platforms are born from the need to manage multiple positions, store relevant information from candidates, and be able to optimize the selection processes in time and effort. I am using CRMs as a basis. The idea of ​​a platform designed for human resources teams, technical managers, and headhunters was created.

ATS is a solution for talent search

ATS is the solution to your proactive and reactive recruitment efforts. This allows them to communicate and connect with potentially qualified candidates through social networking sites. Recruiters can search and engage people who match certain skill sets and rules. Using Indeed, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, and Monster. Then create and store contact lists within the ATS.

Your system will not only provide a portal for all interested applicants to apply for job opportunities, but it will provide your hiring team with an innovative tool that allows them to search for candidates, establish relationships and convert passive applicants into new employees. Employers are becoming more proactive in their quest to find the best talent. Cultivating relationships to turn people into employees is very similar to the CRM process, so ATS is the CRM to recruit!

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

The use of this type of software for the recruitment and management of candidates has multiple benefits. Although, without a doubt, the most striking are these three:

  • Time savings by Human Resources.

  • Improvement of communication with the candidate.

  • Selection of the best candidates for the position.

Time savings by Human Resources staff

Through the use of these types of recruitment tools, Human Resources personnel will be able to devote less time to the selection of candidates and more to investigate and prepare interviews that will be conducted to those chosen by Applicant Tracking Systems

This will result in more effective and less tedious selection process since the selection of staff will be reduced to a few options instead of tens or hundreds of them. Allowing those in charge of personnel selection to focus more on each of the candidates.


There are many different alternatives when choosing an Applicant Tracking System. Most of them have two characteristics in common, which have a high price and are complicated to use. However, other suggestions try to improve these aspects.


Wisestep is an agile recruitment software that helps accelerate your hiring process with real-time analytics and effective artificial intelligence. The goal of Wisestep is to integrate data-driven decision making and insights into the recruitment process that assists recruiters and hiring managers to attract the right talent productively and efficiently.

The ATS solutions it offers are unique like a quick and intelligent way to search candidates, create your talent pool by capturing candidate profiles through their FREE one-click recruitment automation chrome extension and create an exceptional candidate experience.


It is a very important platform within the Human Resources world, there is no doubt. However, it suffers from the problems that most affect these types of platforms. Since, on the one hand, this ATS is complicated to understand. From the moment we seek to access their services until the moment of truth.

And, because it is an identity "settled" their prices are well above those of other platforms. Making it not the best option for medium or small businesses.


Another of the best-known Applicant Tracking Systems is Workable. And not in vain, since it is a solution that seeks to improve the ease with which the user handles the tool. However, this makes its service offer limited. Since it only has two possible options when using its services.

In addition, the prices it handles are also quite high. Something that may not be fully justified, especially if we are not clear about 100% of the details of the service our company needs.

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I am clear about the impossible mission of managing multiple selection processes at the same time. Each position to be filled can have dozens - sometimes hundreds - of applications, it's crazy! Between publishing vacancies and reviewing profiles from different sources, selecting the best profiles and coordinating interviews, reviewing the resulting notes, evaluating the psychometric tests, following up on internal clients ... In short, pretending to read each curriculum thoroughly is absurd, do not say Take a 100% effective process with traditional solutions.

ats and email integration

It is precisely in this context that candidate tracking systems, also known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), take action. Given the difficulties involved in the massive selection processes and the arduous task of finding talented and skilled people, many organizations are turning to specialized software that optimizes their recruitment processes.

If you want to implement the best recruitment practices, but you have never heard of Applicant Tracking Systems or do not really understand what they do, I will explain it below.

Definition of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An ATS is an online system that facilitates the management of hiring processes, from the opening of a vacancy to its coverage. When someone applies to your vacancies through an ATS, the information entered during the registration process is concentrated in a profile that is available to you: experience, education, skills, personalized interview, contact information, are only some data available. In this way, you can search and filter candidate resumes within your own Database based on filters and keywords; The objective is to select the profiles that best suit each job offer and simplify the day-to-day life of recruiters.

Operation of an ATS

When the recruiter conducts a search during a selection process in an ATS, it does so by means of keywords that express specific skills and experiences that are required in the job offer in question. The Applicant Tracking System will place at the top of the search results those curricula that contain the largest number of selected keywords; They are usually the same used in the job description.

The advantage of ATS systems is that they organize and save curricula for later, so it is possible to build a vast Database. If someone was not suitable for a certain position, recruiters can go to the system in the future and propose a different position - or veto, as the case may be.

They can also take notes, send messages to inform them of the status of their process, or to request an interview.

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Due to the costly task of selecting hundreds of candidates in the selection process, ATS recruitment technology was born. This is a tool that helps human resources managers manage the information collected when recruiting staff.

The ATS, known in English as Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS is a top trend in the field of recruiting as they make work much easier. Its main feature is that they are software that allows you to filter all the information received from the applicants to a job, greatly reducing the volume of curricula to be reviewed. It is based on parameters such as the use of keywords that define the degree of correspondence between the candidate's curriculum and the position offered, and some also use syntactic and semantic analysis of the words.

Why the ATS system is effective for selecting personnel in companies

The ATS allows the human resources department to be much more agile and efficient in all its processes and also has multiple advantages. We tell you:

  1. They offer a clean database: ATS technology discards all applications that do not meet the requirements for the position in the first phase of the process. In this way, you avoid wasting a lot of time by checking which curriculum adapts to the job offer.

  2. Filtering system: Thanks to the filtering system using keywords or other parameters that you can set, there is the possibility of excluding proposals that do not fit quickly.

  3. They save time: Before, the HR team filtered a large number of resumes. Now, with recruitment tools such as ATS applications, it may not be necessary to filter more than ten before deciding which candidates are suitable for the personal interview.

  4. Management improvements: An ATS application allows you to manage everything related to job offers and applications in the same online support.

The most outstanding ATS recruitment systems

In Wisestep we have different integrations with ATS that allow companies to use our website as a source of recruitment and dump of registrants. Some of the most outstanding ATS systems with which we work to have the best recruitment tools.