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Google Sheets is a software just like Docs to compete with Microsoft Word and Sheets. Google Sheet is based on the web that can be opened in your preferred browser and shared with multiple people. In the Google Sheet, there few things that are best for starters, and one of them is swapping the tables. Swapping the tables in the sheet is an important feature and also a useful feature for the users. To know about this feature, there is a straightforward guide for quick access.


How to Swap Columns In Google Sheets

Well, if you know nothing about it, then you should know that there are three major methods of swapping the columns by adding on Power Tools. Every method is convenient, so you understand it way too easily.

Swap the Columns through Dragging

Begin with a blank sheet with Column 1 and Column 2 with A and B columns. Input Months name the following order in the A2, A3, A4, and A5. Enter some random numbers on the cell number B2 to B5. Whatever you put in the table, it will not matter at all; it is just for the idea and understands of yours.

  • Press on the Header A and choose it.
  • Tap on the Column A header bar again and keep on hold the left mouse button.
  • Begin the drag over the Column B to swap the column table.

Now both column will change their position accordingly. Just like the same way, you can swap many more tables instantly without any additional efforts. You can also swap multiple columns together in one term by selecting the specific columns in once and drag them to the column of your choice. The following columns will change their positions, but their heading name will remain the same.

Swap the Column Table in Google Sheet through Copy and Paste

Another method to swap the table is through the Copy and Paste method. This method is different from the drag method yet a simple method. To do the swapping through copy and paste, you need to first choose the column to swap.

  • Select the column and copy that specific column table.
  • Paste that particular column on the empty column of the sheet area.
  • You can do copy and paste by using the commands as well.

In the same method, you can choose any column to swap. Even if you are willing to swap multiple, you need to select multiple columns at once and paste them on the black area of sheet to swap. Columns will change their positions, but you need to remember every column that you copy and paste while doing it. This procedure is different swap is different and can take time to do that as well. If you successfully swap the columns, so don’t forget to delete the duplicate columns by pressing Del key to remove the table.

Swap the Columns through Power Tool

Google Sheet has several adds-on for enhancing its compatibilities, and power tool are one of these enhancements of capability add-on. To add the power tool into the Google Sheet, tap on Add-ons>Power Tools>Start. Through this, a sidebar will keep on showing. Tap on the Data and the Shuffle icon to get the options to move the columns. With the feature, you can swap the columns easily. Choose the full column to move and then hold on the A column to drag it on the B column and then tap on the shuffle button to swap both columns.

Google Sheet is an alternative software that is just like Microsoft Excel, and you can get a few great features in it as well. Whoever learns the features of Google Sheet only uses it. However, both are not so different from each other.



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In the name of brutal and deadly characters, Resident Evil is always ready to surprise their fans. In Resident Evil 3 Remake version, the Nemesis hunting is a scary thing, but there are way more surprising things that players should know while discovering and playing further. This survival horror game has maintained its status in gaming by showing monsters and parasites. Every previous version has something improved and interesting, whether it is about characters or plots. This Resident Evil 3 Remake introduced Nemesis, who is behind the player relentlessly as they are looking for escaping the city.

Against Nemesis, players have several chances to avoid it because Nemesis will encounter with players in the game several times. There are several monsters in Resident Evil 3 Remake that players will square off. One of the particular creatures in the game is “Drain Deimos” that players will encounter on the sub train station.

When will Encounter Happen with Parasites in Resident Evil 3 Remake

After the use of lockpick on the sub train station, players will encounter “Drain Deimos” for the first time. After that, a small insect will leap on Jill to inject with parasites without any warning. Form this incident, Jill’s health will start the change in which walking slowly, and the red color screen will start to happen. In the inventory screen, if the player checks, they will see the health marked with parasites. The health will start to turn purple, which is an indication of the parasite. Jill system is completely overrun through parasites, and from that thing, players have to get rid of.

Everything that happened without any idea or warning and now situation are clear. In the sub-station room, players will find gardening tools where players will get to know to adjust it through the green herb. While playing keep in mind to pick up everything from the missions. If there is a green herb available, then use it in the inventory screen, and Jill’s body will throw the parasite from her body rapidly. After that, get rid of that parasite through a shotgun on the floor. It will improve the health of Jill, and it will start to recover at a rapid rate.

While moving around after the incident, Jill will start to move around normally. In the area, players are required to reset circuit breakers because the complete area is stopped because of “Drain Deimos.” It is great that in this area, players can find green herb easily and wet able to utilize that too. Players can keep the green herb in an alternative way too if they feel they might need it in further levels as well. From this activity, players will complete an achievement named “I Might Need This Later.”


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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is one of those games where you need to get yourself up from the lowest level. At the beginning of the game, you will have nothing, but you can achieve so much by doing essential things. One of the most important things to obtain in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is renown, and to get it, you need to keep your level up and your clan tier higher. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has amazing weapons, challenges, rewards. However, there is no easy way to earn renown, so here is the guide to obtain renown faster.

In the game, there are various ways to earn renown, and if you follow every procedure, you can have a huge amount of renown. Even if you are willing to do battle in the town, tournaments, or any other purpose, your earning of renown will always keep on, but there are some ways that you must try to achieve a huge amount of renown.

Be a Part of Kingdom

The best way in game that can let you have a huge amount of renown is by joining a Kingdom. After you reach clan tier 1, you will be eligible to join a clan to earn what you willing for. You need to follow clan rules to keep secure your place in the clan. At the time of joining clan, you will be a mercenary. If you stay in the clan until it reaches clan level 2, you will become vassal. After being a vassal, you will be allowed to collect renown depend on your potential and your handling. This is how you will earn renowned, coin income, and influence others too. If you don’t know how to join a clan so here is the guide for you.

How To Join a Kingdom as Mercenary

It is the first level in the kingdom, and no one knows what you are capable of and your worth. So you need to prove your worth in the clan as a sellsword.

  • Reach to your clan level 1, and for that, you also need to finish a quest name “Rebuilt Your Clan.”
  • Wait until the kingdom approves your request to join the war.
  • Look for the kingdom lord on the map for joining.
  • Talk to them regarding join as mercenary.

You will be part of the kingdom, and the enemies of the kingdom will be your enemies as well. So now you are part of the kingdom, you can join battles, participate in the sieges, armies and earn some coins.

How to Join a Kingdom as Vassal

Vassal is the second level of the clan that comes after mercenary. In o join as a vassal, it is better to join a mercenary because it will help to grow better relationships with others. However, if you have enough renown, then you can easily join as the vassal of the kingdom.

  • Reach to your clan level 2.
  • Look for the ruler of the kingdom for joining as a vassal.
  • Talk to the ruler about joining as a vassal.
  • Swear oath and complete your dialog to progress.

Unlike mercenaries, the vassal is a higher clan rank, and it will allow you to do things regarding politics, acquiring lands, and many more things. You will see many more differences after joining them.

Battle against Tough Enemies

Battle against looters is not a tough thing, and that does not matter in the game; neither looters care about this. One of the most important things that you need to focus on is battle against tough opponents. On the path of earning renown, you and your opponent should have a competitive army with troops. You can earn higher number of renown when your opponent has a bigger army than you, and you still win. You will achieve higher renown when your opponent has 10 troops or more than that. While battle with an opponent doesn’t get destroyed because if this happens, you will earn nothing from your defeat. If you join a huge kingdom, the chances of battle will increase too.

Join Tournaments Battles

Apart from the tough battles, tournaments can also provide some renown. If you play tournaments, you will get to achieve coins and renown after winning them. Every round of the tournament will provide renown if you reach out on top. For the winner of the tournament, several items available that you might have earned previously and sold to the merchant.

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Google Drive and Dropbox are the two most popular cloud storage sources, and with good reason as the set of features, free trial options and pricing are making them the best cloud storage options all across the world. The users can save several files on the web along with getting the syncing the data in the cloud after organizing them in the folders. But, how the users will get to know which one is better as both offered several significant features. The answer is simple, and users can compare the features of both cloud storage services. Here is the comparison between both cloud storage services:-

Compatibility of Both Platforms

The users can find Google Drive more compatible with Windows 8, 7, 8.1,10 in S model, and Windows 10 along with supporting iOS, Mac, and Android. But, the users can’t use the application of Google Drive on Linux; however, Google is trying hard to fix the issue and make it compatible with Linux also. On the contrary, the compatibility of Dropbox could not only be witnessed with Windows 8, 8.1, 7, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 but also with Linux. Dropbox is also supporting the systems like the Xbox One.

1. Account Value of Both Google Drive and Dropbox

If we talk about the account subscriptions of Google Drive and Dropbox, then it is clear that Google Drive is providing free storage of 15GB for personal use in comparison to 2 GB free storage provided by Dropbox. It seems that Google Drive is providing better free storage capacity, but the users can get more storage by availing the gains from the options provided by Dropbox to them. The users can sign up for the referrals provided by Dropbox can avail of an additional 500MB with each reference. The storage expanded to 3GB when the users will upload the photos. The users can get the free version up to 16GB by going to 28 referrals. However, the annual subscriptions offered by both the storage cloud services are almost the same in which the lowest cloud storage option provided by Dropbox is 2TB. The most economical storage provided by Google Drive is 100 GB comes from spending $1.99 per month leading you to save 16% while paying early.

2. Mobile and Desktop Client Apps

Both the cloud storage services, Google Drive and Dropbox, provides desktop and mobile applications which can be used by the users for sharing and syncing their files across the devices. However, the applications of desktop clients are quite similar in both the services, but Dropbox is more compatible with more number of mobile and desktop platforms. Also, the client applications of Dropbox are enabling syncing compatibility across the devices. Among some other advantages provided by Dropbox is more flexible file management, and also, the storage cloud services do not limit the size of the files for uploads.

On the contrary, Google Drive has some limitations, such as the users can only open the documents in Google Docs while exporting them for editing in some other software. Also, it has a limit of 5TB for maximum uploads. Meanwhile, the partnership of Dropbox with Microsoft has provided it with better integration with the client applications. For instance, since the native Windows 10 application of Dropbox has been built upon the universal platform off Windows allowing the users to drag and drop the files from File Explorer. After that, the users can save the data to the cloud after dragged and dropped into the app.

3. The Web Clients of Dropbox and Google Drive

The web client of Google Drive has its office suite helpful for the users to edit the files, but Dropbox helps the users to edit documents, texts, spreadsheets, and presentations by using the online office suite of Microsoft. The users can also edit the files of MS office with Dropbox mobile applications of iOS and Android along with using it to edit the file formats of .xlsx, .ocx, and .pptx with MS excel, online tools of PowerPoint, MS Word and other versions of mobile applications. However, if we talk about the office suite of Google Drive, which includes Forms, Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings, and Slides, it is clear that it looks better for editing the documents in comparison to Dropbox.

4. File Type Support

The users can view up to 30 files in their browser in various file types supported by Google Drive along with browsing videos, images, audios, texts, documents, archives, markup, and files of MS Office, Adobe, and Apple. Also, it supports the various third-party applications for managing even more number of files in different file formats. But, the number of files supported by Dropbox to view in different file formats are quite limited. The users can view videos, audios, links, primary texts, presentations, spreadsheets, and documents in various file formats. Still, when it comes to editing, the users can edit only MS Office files.

5. Encryption

Both the cloud storage services provide two-factor verification, but none of these two have the option of a personal encryption key. Google Drive provides 128-bit of AES encryption, which is quite weak in comparison to the 256-bit AES encryption level of Dropbox. However, Google Drive also offers SSL encryption level of 256 bit for transferring files.

6. Customer Support

The customer assistance provided by Google Drive is quite better in comparison to Dropbox, which includes providing technical support to the users through phone, email chat, and live chat. The users can get their queries resolved through Google Forum and the Website tutorials, too, and that also, the service is available all 24/7. But, the customer support of Dropbox is not as strong as it lacks providing the phone services and live chat for handling the grievances of the customers. However, Dropbox provides support to its customers through email, websites, and its forum.

In the end, it is quite clear that there is not much difference between both cloud storage services as Google Drive with a flexible package of subscription, better account value, and higher capacities of storage are far ahead. Also, the better tools for searching and great support for file formats along with some other features making it a more suitable choice. But, the various elements of Dropbox, including extensive support for third-party applications and mobile clients, are making it standard for sharing the files all across the devices.

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The on-going battle of humanity against amid pandemic in the world has led to a much greater extent. In reference to priority concern, one of the main elements of the US GOVT, MR. Andrew Cuomo has proclaimed that the presidential election of New York will be postponed till June 23rd 2020.

The news has been announced by MR. Cuomo on March 28th2020, through a press conference. He stated that it is not a great idea to call upon numerous people at one location to vote as the danger of spreading various will increase. He added, so after an hourly discussion, a mutual consent has been made to postponed elections to June 23rd.

However, without any concern, the Democratic National Committee has warned each US states that they will be charged with fine if they postponed elections more than June 9th. As it lies in violation of rules made by the Federal Government and thus, it would lead to depletion in numbers of delegates. Alongside, DNC also stated that including Puerto Rico and the other ten states, the voting had been altered to mail option.

President Trump also came forward to show his concern towards the US and announced a complete lockdown in New JerseyNew York, and Connecticut. In his statement, the President said that he is concerned about the current situation, and he is doing what is necessary to do right now. He added few days of locked would definitely help the US to mark the victory over amidst pandemic.

Although, the Twitter handle of President Trump had clearly shown that still, he is not sure about the announcement of quarantine in NYC along with New Jersey. In 0ne of their article, famous news distributor, Associated Press proclaimed that it is the duty of the federal government to handle the current situation, but it has been divided into states to state orders for their own subsidiaries.

Even though President Trump agreed to the above statement and said he has spoked to state governors of Florida and New York, however, Cuomo told in the subsequent press conference that he has no idea about quarantine announcements yet. Following day, President Trump also added more tweets in which one of them is depicting about issuing of String Travel Advisory for NYC and New Jersey by CDC, and after all that, we don’t need to do a lockdown.

The current situation of the US is not great as on March 29th, 2020, WHO declared the USA to be on the top list of major infected countries by amid outbreak. The number of infected people in the US has crossed 100 k mark on yesterday, let us pray for all of them to get fine as soon as possible. We hope that the amid outbreak will not be postponed or canceled any of the forthcoming events, and soon, we find a way to eradicate it completely.

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After the intermission of “Saiyan” Saga in “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot,” the players achieve various benefits like earning useful buffs and unveiling multiple achievements related to the game. However, the smart chefs and “Chi-Chi” make various recipes in the game that attracts the players to eat their most favored and desired recipes as these dishes are self-explainable and received much popularity amongst the gamers and its fans. This is the reason why players are focusing on the latest recipes that made them capable of gaining more moves in the game.

Getting “Only The Finest”: Second Achievement

The gamers have to unlock the second most achievement of the game by making at least five different course meals. With the introduction of “Only The Finest,” the second achievement of the game, players are started to get this achievement as soon as possible to make themselves more powerful. However, the first achievement task of making a one-course meal as a special recipe didn’t create any issue, but this issue is expected to be an issue creating achievement among its fans and gamers. To unlock the features of this long waiting achievement, players have to go through the task of cooking five full course recipes.

The task of cooking five different recipes insinuates the gamers and brings them in trouble as this task is not easy. They have to make five different dishes that shouldn’t be the simplest among the list of recipes. The players will have to gather various recipes to make “5 full course meals” and as well as to gain the achievement. It’s not a too hard task to collect recipes for a cooking meal as players can follow the hints that will guide them to complete their missions.

Gathering Necessary Recipes and Required Elements

The player has to gather all the essential recipes in the game. Gamers are given various hints to give attention to the dialogue “Bubbles” related to NPC’s moves. They have to undergo for hunting rarely found items or materials by appropriate steps and procedures to get the tag of this achievement.

There were various words and elements in that region inside the game. The players are recommended to explore the area properly to get their desired recipe more quickly. Besides recipe elements, there were so many words available there. If you see an “Orange” highlighted word, then it means that the particular item is somewhere or located nearby you. In the case of “Recipe,” the highlighted word means that the player requires to communicate to the particular “NPC” to unlock the features of getting the recipe.

The players of “Kakarot” requires to explore for their mission to get the achievement. Once the player finds all the required ingredients and recipes for the meal, then it needs to be cooked as soon as possible to move for getting the achievement. Once the first meal successfully cooked, then you have completed the first step towards receiving the achievement of “Only The Finest.” Now, the player will be required to explore more to collect all the necessary materials and recipes for making the rest of the other four meals. The gamers have to hunt four more recipe ingredients.

When a player completes all the steps and cooks all the five required meals, then the achievement will automatically unlock, and the player will get more powers and special moves.

Ava Williams is a Norton product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Ava has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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All of us know the face-recognizing software owned by Google Photos, but the way it works is different than Facebook or any other applications. This feature helps in organizing the picture quickly and in a simple way. You need to name the people, and in return, Google Photos shall put the pictures in the right place. You might have heard the saying that ‘nothing is perfect in this world,’ and so does this. A few times it mixes the faces by mistake and put those pictures into the wrong place. To fix this up, you need to go through this blog properly.

Turning on face recognition into Google Photos

  1. Firstly, you need to install a VPN on the phone of yours. The VPN service can be any.
  2. Then, make an account.
  3. Next, connect to the net by a server based in the USA.
  4. After that, launch Google Photos on the smartphone.
  5. Then, visit the Settings option.
  6. After that, choose ‘Group Similar Faces’ for turning on the feature.
  7. Next, you need to disconnect from the VPN.
  8. Lastly, you need to change the ‘People’ album by faces of friends, parents as well as relatives of yours.

Troubleshooting mistakes done by face recognition

  1. Firstly, launch Google Photos on the PC.
  2. Then, launch the face group, which does not have the right pictures.
  3. After that, press the symbol having the three dots placed vertically on the upper side at the right-hand side corner.
  4. Next, choose ‘Remove results.’
  5. Then, choose the pictures which should not be placed on that group.
  6. Lastly, press the ‘Remove’ option. Note that it shall remove the pictures from there.

Rest of the tips for Face Recognition of Google Photos

Merge Face Group

  1. Firstly, put the name of one of the face groups.
  2. Then, put the name of the next group by the same name with the help of suggestions.
  3. Note that the time you shall be doing it, Google Photos shall prompt you whether you would like combining both the groups.
  4. Lastly, press the ‘Yes’ for combining both the group.

Deleting a ‘face group’ from search

  1. Firstly, press the dots that have been placed vertically located at the upper right-hand side corner.
  2. Then, press the ‘Show and Hide faces’ option.
  3. After that, press on the people whom you wish to be removed from the search bar.
  4. Lastly, tap on ‘Done’ as soon as you are over with it.

Changing feature of the pictures

  1. Firstly, launch Google Photos.
  2. Then, visit the ‘People’ folder.
  3. After that, select the ‘Change feature photo.’
  4. Next, select the new picture that you wish using.
  5. Lastly, you need to save the changes made by you.

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Ava Williams is a Norton product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Ava has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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Norton is among the best antivirus software available for major operating platforms like Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. The prevalent use of the internet has been met by several online threats such as viruses, spyware, and malware. Norton provides all-round security against every malicious online threat. This not only facilitates smooth online surfing but also optimized device performance as well. Norton has been available on the market for 28 years, and they apply the gathered knowledge to modify their database. They utilize the extensive accumulated knowledge and read through the online attack patterns to ensure the optimum protection of your system. Download, install, and activate Norton antivirus software and get enhanced security for your system. Visit