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de Adam Smith - Saturday, 5 de September de 2020, 05:01
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If you are first time use on Norton antivirus and you want to download, activate and setup Norton antivirus with official link then you can visit this link:

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de Adam Smith - Saturday, 5 de September de 2020, 04:47
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Norton is the most used antivirus in the world and the foremost who has a lot of identity, after buying Norton Antivirus. You can create a Norton account by following the instructions by visiting official website.

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de Adam Smith - Saturday, 5 de September de 2020, 04:45
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As we all know that everyone needs privacy and security and wants to protect their mobiles, computers, and devices from cyber-attacks. gives you the security from these types of threats of cyber-attacks and various internet malicious sites and programs. Norton is considering as the best service provider against the threats of the computer by installing Norton setup.

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Norton provides a quick scan of the files and documents in the device. The scanning speed of Norton programs is considered as the industry standard. The various programs of Norton run on multiple devices without becoming a drain on the resources of these devices. Whenever applications began affecting the performance of the computers, Norton Antivirus alerts available at alerts the users regarding the changes to be made. The silent mode feature of the antivirus program delays the unnecessary updates when a laptop, computer, or any other device is being used for watching videos or playing online games. Norton offers various useful antivirus programs to protect your devices from any online threats. These valuable and affordable of the Norton are accessible at

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de marie robert - Thursday, 3 de September de 2020, 12:53
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the web has upset the mechanism of correspondence as well as has affected our efficiency to a huge degree. we utilize the web in nearly all that we do, for example, while requesting a pizza, imparting any second to our companions, sending pictures, purchasing different things, and so on. the utilization of the web has liberated individuals from topographical obstructions and has united everybody in networks dependent on themes. the web has made a huge difference, regardless of whether instruction, business, government, human services, and so forth. be that as it may, utilizing the different foundation of the web isn't generally so protected. Your online data can be taken and abused by some wicked individuals. along these lines, you can download norton antivirus by means of to ensure your online information.

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de marie robert - Wednesday, 2 de September de 2020, 13:28
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norton is an antivirus programming that was first propelled in 1991 by Symantec company. It is one of the most trusted and famous Antiviruses in the market. The product checks your whole PC framework and recognizes records and programming that may chance your security and protection. when recognized, it can expel every one of these dangers from your gadget. The product is accessible in various variations like norton antivirus Plus, Norton 360 Standard Norton 360 choice Norton 360 Premium, norton Family, norton versatile security for android, norton portable security for iOS, and so on. To download norton arrangement record for your gadget, go to

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de Aida Martin - Tuesday, 1 de September de 2020, 08:21
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Norton is one of the best and known antivirus for serving the best security software across the world. For securing your device and information from cyber attacks. -download, install and activate the Norton antivirus security software. Get proper stepwise guide by the experts by visiting on

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de Adam Eve - Tuesday, 18 de August de 2020, 10:54
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How to Installation Process Best Way To Protect Your Device From Online Threats And Defend Your Devices Against The Virus Is By Installing Powerful Antivirus Software On Your Device.

To Enroll your device for Norton Antivirus Protection you need to have a product code purchased from retail store or online , then you can easily activate and set up your device protection via in order to mange your device you need to check the service and subscription in your Norton Account.

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The special ops unit ANBU (meaning Special Assassination Tactical Squad) is used by villages of the five great Shinobi countries in supplement with the police force to maintain peace. Although the ANBU’s missions varied a little from one village to another. Like in Kirigakure, used Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (ANBU) to assassinate runagate shinobi. In contrast, villages like Konoha used ANBU for covert operations. The Konoha had Konoha Military Police Force in supplement with the ANBU.

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The separation of power between the ANBU and the Military Police was not so black and white. Since there were no clear distinctions between their jurisdiction, it was completely up to the discretion of Hokage to provide clarity in moments of conflict.

Konoha used to have a special branch of ANBU called Root. They used to work underground to maintain social order. The members were expected to follow Danzo Shimura’s order with unquestioning obedience. The Root’s loyalty was supposed to be so strong that they used to follow Shimua’s order at the expense of the village.

As it’s obvious the Konoha’s ANBU was acting against the interests of the village itself which led to the gradual degradation that led to the corruption of the entire squad. People of the village too lost their faith in them, and slowly ANBU lost their support too. All of this was up to Naruto’s time.

But decades later it seems the Konoha’s ANBU has undergone a reformation. They have become more transparent. The neoteric ANBU seems more progressionist and liberal and has won the support of people of the village as well. Their bad-reputation appears to have become a relic of the past.

The greater dependence and trust showed on the junior ninjas also show a sort of radical shift to established norms of the past. The younger ninjas known as Team 25 are an example of this as they are already helping the senior ninjas in their mission. They are also helping Sai to get to Kara, which is impressive as such young ninjas co-operating with seniors and helping them out in missions is no small feat in itself.
The paradigm shift of the approach of the senior ninjas to deal with the younger ones is impressive, to say the least. The younger ninjas are trusted enough to be bestowed with secrets and information of the Konoha’s defence team. The newer generation of the students is much more punctual and obedient as they comply with what they are told, which is in stark contrast with the ninjas like Naruto and Sasuke.

The purification of the ANBU and restoring their reputation was no easy challenge for the Hokages who had to struggle a lot with it. The shady history of the ANBU included secretly spying on the people of the village, and as if this was not enough, they were killed too on some occasions. They used to take children who were antisocial under their wings and manipulated them. Root, Danzo’s death cult, was also one of the examples of the corruption of the ABNU. It was no surprise that the villagers had lost trust in them. Restoring confidence and resolving differences took years.

The gradual shift from such shady business of the ABNU in the Naruto series to the present-day liberal leadership of the younger ninjas encapsulates the transformation of the ABNU which goes back to the roots of Konoha. Madara and Hashirama were very clear that they wanted a responsible police force to look out for the people of the village and keep them safe. Their visions seem to have been finally realized.

Robert Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


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de Miranda Priestly - Thursday, 6 de August de 2020, 10:04
Todo el mundo product key is an alphanumeric code that comes with Norton’s subscription. Check the back of the subscription card and find your 25 digits code to setup Norton antivirus. Use of Norton product key at to verify your subscription. Norton product key looks like: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx